You are an intern for Quail Creations, a wholesale clothing business. The business was recently purchased by Gary Schumacher, a retired retail store manager with 30 years of experience but limited background in small business marketing.

Report & Recommendation: Quail Creations Slide Creation Software

The ability to assess, summarize, and “get to the point” is an extremely important skill. This assignment gives you an opportunity to practice a real-world scenario where you are asked to recommend something to a supervisor. This is internal communication within a hierarchy. In this assignment, you are communicating “up” the hierarchy. 

Your goals:

  • Develop your ability to identify key points
  • Practice making a recommendation to a supervisor
  • Communicate your analysis and recommendation clearly and persuasively

The Scenario: You are an intern for Quail Creations, a wholesale clothing business. The business was recently purchased by Gary Schumacher, a retired retail store manager with 30 years of experience but limited background in small business marketing. He wants to have an easy and cheap way to create dynamic slideshows that can be updated with current sales figures. He needs presentation slides for clients as well as investors as he hopes to expand. He dislikes how the traditional PowerPoint template appears when presentations are shown in Zoom calls. He is overwhelmed by the options and has asked you to research the available slide creation websites and software, and select the best three choices for him to review.

Your Task: Read the articles linked below on slide creation systems. You do not need to do additional research (but you can if you want to). Based on the information provided, create a recommendation report that explains the criteria he should consider when selecting a service or subscription. Then, narrow the options to the top three systems that Gary should consider. Provide a rationale for your decision and information on the pros/cons of the three selected systems.You may want to narrow it down further and include a conclusion section with a top recommendation.

Information to Review: Please read the articles linked below to respond to this writing prompt. All the evidence you need is included in the links provided. You can find all pricing information necessary for this prompt by reading the linked information. You do not need to create an account or request a quote to complete this writing prompt.

  1. The 7 Best Presentation Software Tools for Entrepreneurs

  • Best Free Presentation Software

  • PC Mag: The Best Presentation Software

      (Click on “Read Review” at the end of the table for more information on each system)

Document Format and Style: 1-page, single-spaced memo. You can incorporate a table if you think that is a helpful way to display information. If you want to incorporate a table, your report can be two pages. Include a reference page at the end of your document (doesn’t count toward page count). Use size 11-12 font (either Arial or Times New Roman). Remember you pride yourself on being professional so attention to detail in grammar, tone, format, and content is vital. Thoughtfully consider the use of bolding, headings, and white space to organize information and make skimming easier.

This document should have evidence supporting your claims. For instance, if you say “The monkey population in Dallas is a significant problem” that should be follow with support like “This year, Brown (2020)reported that the monkey population has grown by 200% in the past five years. This growth poses a threat in many areas such as public safety, banana supplies, and noise.” And then expand on those issues a little…with citations.

Most likely, this report will have in-text citations. That means you will need to have a reference page. The reference page should go on the document’s last page in accordance with APA style.

Submission: Submit a draft of your memo to eLearning by the due date for peer review. Include the final version (including the reference page) in your portfolio.

Criteria for Success: Your boss should be able to understand the rationale for the 3 systems and the pros/cons without having to read the linked articles. The final version will be assessed with the rubric below in terms of content, style (grammar/writing), organization, and APA Style.

Workplace-Based Grading Rubric: This rubric emphasizes audience and overall standards. This rubric should serve as an overall guide for expectations. The rubric will be broken down into categories of evaluation such as content, style, and design. For this course, the +/- system will also be used. For example, an A- may have one minor edit.

Remember, the document’s FINAL version is worth the most points. That final version goes into your portfolio at the end of the semester.

AYour supervisor would send this document or approve the work without any changes. Management would be impressed and remember your work when discussing promotions.
BYour supervisor would send this document with minor editing. Your work would “get the job done.” Management would be satisfied and have to spend minimal time suggesting any edits.
CYour supervisor would ask you to revise and to edit before allowing people outside of your department to see the document. Management would be dissatisfied and have to spend some time suggesting edits and revisions.
DYour supervisor would be troubled by the poor quality of work. Revision and editing are essential. The document must be rewritten before being sent or distributed within or outside of your department. Management may feel time has been wasted on the part of you or your supervisor.
FYour supervisor would consider the poor quality of work or your sloppiness as a sign that you may need to be replaced. Your document shows a misunderstanding of communication basics and writing conventions. Management would look for someone else to do this job.

Rubric modified from Mike Markel’s Technical Communication, Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Scenario prompt modified from 2019 Association for Business Communication Competition Writing Prompt written by Laura Barrett, University of Kansas.

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