Describe the event without using value words such as “beautiful” or “ugly.”:

FINE ARTS 1040                                                                                                           IMPRESSION PAPER FORM           

Your Name: ___________________________________________   Course Section #: FA 1040.______________

                                                                                                                                  (such as 01N, 05I, etc.)

EVENT TYPE: (Circle One- music, theater, dance, visual art, choice, extra credit)

Name of Specific Event   _______________________________________________Date of Event _______________   

Fill in ALL of the information above and then answer the following questions.  EACH answer MUST be more than five complete sentences, but not more than three paragraphs.  You can use the bulleted questions as a guide to your response.

  1. Describe the event without using value words such as “beautiful” or “ugly.”:
  • Describe the elements of the work(s) (i.e., line movement, light, space). This is a chance to use your vocabulary, if applicable.
  • How do the elements of the work combine together?
  • Describe the technical qualities of the work(s) (i.e., tools, materials, instruments).
  • Describe the subject matter. What is it all about? Are there recognizable images or sounds?
  • Describe how the event is organized as a complete composition:
  • How is the work(s) constructed or planned (i.e., acts, movements, lines)?
  • Identify some of the similarities throughout the work (i.e., repetition of lines or melody, two songs in each act, similarities in shapes or colors, etc).
  • Identify some of the points of emphasis in the work (i.e., specific scene, figure, movement).
  • If the work has subjects or characters, what are the relationships between or among them?
  • Describe how the event makes you think and feel:
  • Describe the expressive qualities you find in the work. What expressive language would you use to describe the qualities (i.e., tragic, ugly, funny)?
  • How can the expressive qualities relate to your life experience?
  • Does the work use any tools to help relate its ideas? (i.e., analogy or metaphor)?
  • Present your opinion of the event’s success or failure:
  • What qualities of the work make you feel it is a success or failure?
  • Compare it with similar works that you think are good or bad.
  • What criteria can you list to help others judge this work?
  • How original is the work? Why do you feel this work is original or not original?
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