Task: Prepare and defend a supplemental budget for an assigned (mostly local) government department.

Task: Prepare and defend a supplemental budget for an assigned (mostly local) government department.

Purpose: To demonstrate simple budget calculations in preparing a basic budget request and to advocate for that request in a professional manner. Receive your individual departmental assignment (such as for fire, police, recreation, etc.) from me at the appropriate time.

Take on the role as the budget analyst for the assigned departmental service.

Conduct original research on the assigned service topic by reviewing actual budget documents (found via Internet searches) and subject-matter materials from the (online) library through articles and books to demonstrate you have tried to learn about the service you are budgeting.

For example, if you are assigned the Building Inspection department, you should conduct research on what those types of departments perform and what might be some of the budget items that would fit the needs of such an office. Although you are to frame the proposal for a city in your assigned state, (NORTH DAKOTA) the specifics of the proposal does not have to based on what that city has done in the past.

Consider talking to someone doing a similar service, perhaps in a local government around here. You could call a similar department in a local government (search the web for contact information) and see if a senior person in that department would talk to you about the work activities in such a department. Prepare a budget proposal requesting at least $75,000 but no more than $200,000 for a program or activity to be performed by that department. You are not to budget for the entire department, but rather a new or supplemental program or activity.

Your proposal must include funding for at least one full-time employee (salary and benefits). Justify your recommendation through a direct budget narrative that will advance your goal of funding for your entire proposal without any cuts. Follow the Preparation of Work Products guidelines found in the Course Policies section.

This assignment requires that you prepare a written budget proposal using the required 2-page budget form found

The calculations have to be correct and appropriate for the desired result. (

You are to make a video of no more than 3 minutes where you make the case for funding your proposal. It is due at the same time as your Budget Request Form and the video is to be posted HERE.

Your goal for the oral presentation should be to convince the class that your recommendation should be funded in full. Your grade for this assignment will depend upon my assessment of the seriousness with which you completed the project, the quality, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of your work products to fulfill this assignment, the budget allocation decisions of your classmates, and your active and serious participation in the complete project that includes making allocation decisions on all the other budget proposals. Please refer to the rubric attached to complete this assignment.

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