In the following project, you will modify a document prepared for publication in one or more journals related to weather statistics in the United States.

EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS – Weather 1.7

Project Description:

In the following project, you will modify a document prepared for publication in one or more journals related to weather statistics in the United States. Climate change, or global warming, is suspected by some to be a factor in the change in injuries and fatalities related to natural disasters and weather trends. The document and related table will be combined with a data source in a mail merge operation to send to selected journal editors.

Steps to Perform:

StepInstructionsPoints Possible
1Download and open the file named EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS.docx.0
2Insert a column at the right of the 10-Year Average column in the table. Add the following data in the new column, beginning in row 2:

3Type 30-Year Average in the fourth cell on row 1. Insert a new row at the top of the table, merge cells in the new row, and type U.S. Natural Disaster Statistics. Format the first row with Align Center alignment.12
4Align Center all entries in the second, third, and fourth columns from row 2 through the last row in the table.10
5Delete the Winter row.10
6Add a row below the last row in the table. Type Total in the first cell of the new row. Insert a formula in the second, third, and fourth columns of the new row to total all values above.12
7Apply Grid Table 5 Dark, Accent 5 table style to the table (fifth row, sixth column under Grid Tables). Select the table. Select a pen color of Blue, Accent 5, Darker 50%. Apply the color to Outside Borders.10
8Bold all entries in row 2. Shade row 2 with Blue-Gray, Text 2, Lighter 40%.5
9Select row 2 and apply a Single solid line, 1 1/2 pt., Accent 1 (second row, second column under Theme Borders) border style to the outside borders of the selected row.2
10Change the format of the formula in the second cell of the last row (total for Year 2015) to #,##0.5
11Click the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge, and then click Letters. Click Select Recipients, and then click Use an Existing List. Browse for the EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS_Datasource.xlsx workbook and select Sheet1. Sort the data source in ascending order by State.9
12At the beginning of the document, replace the text [Address Block] with the merge fields as follows:

First_Name (Press SPACEBAR) Last_Name
City, (Type a comma, then press SPACEBAR) State (Press SPACEBAR) Zip

At the end of the document, replace [Journal Name] with data from the Journal_Name field. Preview the letters.
13Adjust the address block so that it is single spaced with no spacing before or after paragraphs. Format the journal name in the last line of the document in italics.6
14Complete the merge, merging all records.0
15Save the merged document as EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS_LastFirst.docx and close the document. Close the original file, EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS.docx without saving the document. Exit Word. Submit the final merged document, EX16_WD_CH03_GRADER_CAP_AS_LastFirst.docx as directed.0
Total Points100
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