Better Business Tax Accounting Corp

Better Business (BB) Tax Accounting Corp. is a professional accounting firm that is located in Central Weston Renton, with over 25 years of experience providing accounting services across the Pacific Northwest and the U.S. The company’s marketing goal is to reduce the hustle of filing tax returns and bookkeeping by providing its clients with professional quality services at fairly reasonable prices.

The focus of BB focus is to provide accounting services to individuals of all ages, including the elderly, small scale enterprises, and also other agencies. To this end, the company serves customers from different industries such as real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and not-for-profit organization. Better Business Tax Accounting Corp. specializes in providing accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll management, and financial planning services to its clients.

The company’s marketing strategy is to leverage its years of expertise to meet the needs of existing and future clients by providing quality and affordable services. This strategy seems to be effective because the company has several returning clients. However, the company can do more to increase its brand awareness. Currently, the company relies on direct word of mouth to get referrals. It also has a limited digital reach, just the company’s website, and a LinkedIn page. The company is yet to incorporate official social media platforms, yet a significant share of the target demographic (millennia, other adults) spend a considerable time on social media platforms.

The provision of quality services is critical to the company. The value proposition lies in the company’s ability to deliver better services. Therefore, BB works closely with the clients to know their goals, plans, and align service delivery to their needs. The clients judge the company’s competence based on what is offered. Unfortunately, this is not enough, high competition and the advancement of technology demands that companies should revisit their business models to provide better services. Incorporating digital platforms to create high-quality content will attract new clients, add value to the business, and also continuously engage the customer. This is essential to improving services provision at every point, and not at the final destination.


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