Answering an International Inquiry

Today, a nail salon is among the most lucrative businesses. It is one of the businesses with a constant flow of customers because people want to look and improve on their appearance. This line of business is a great way of earning money and allows me to set my own working hours. Notably, I will perform various services for clients. The services consist of manicure and pedicures, hand and foot massage as well as applying nail enhancement such as a gel. I will provide creative nail artistry based on the needs of a customer. Thus, I decided to venture into a nail salon business because of the growing demand for nail services.

Question 2

Just like any other business organization, a nail salon is not immune to problems. One of the main challenges experienced in the nail salon business is competition. A growing number of nail service providers offer various options for customers. Most importantly, customers are becoming well informed and knowledgeable when it comes to beauty treatment. Through YouTube and other platforms, customers watch, learn and start to do their own at home. In the long-term, this challenge can affect the success of a nail salon business. Nail salon businesses will lack customers to service.

Question 3

 For one to be a nail technician, he or she requires some professional development. Some of the college programs in this field are manicure and pedicure techniques, nail painting techniques, cuticle care, sanitation, and hygiene as well as gel application and acrylics. These college programs offer essential information on how to provide professional nail services to customers. For instance, nail-painting techniques provide tips and tricks of painting nails to be more appealing to customers. Thus, a combination of these college programs is important in making sure that nail technicians get appropriate skills and knowledge in the field.

Question 4

First, it is a great privilege to have you set up a plant in our city. Most people will like the idea because of its benefits. I want to assure you that your nationals will be comfortable in Vietnam. Vietnamese are friendly and hospitable. Because Vietnam is a diverse country, values, and beliefs, as well as language and culture, are diverse. A common aspect among them is that they love to smile and are genuinely interested in getting to know their foreign visitors. Besides, as a diverse country, few people especially those who have visited Spain can speak Spanish but most are conversant with English.

Moreover, Vietnam has displayed a great interest in making sure that all citizens speak English. For example, there are learning institutions that provide English lessons to anyone who is interested. I want to confirm that your nationals will have an opportunity to improve their English in Vietnam. Besides, our town has people from a wide mix of countries. For example, some of the people are from Japan, China, and Russia among others. However, the largest groups are from Japan and China.

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