Emler and Reichter chapter on deviance

The chapter “deviance, socialization and the crisis of adolescence” expound on theoretical aspects of deviance. Deviance is a state of veering from accepted social norms. In this capture, most theorists have described significant assumptions of the mass society theory. They perceive teenage years as a period of transition between childhood and adulthood that is attributed to inadequate internal controls to cope with the external demands that an individual encounters in the social domain. As a result of having inadequate internal control, an individual is always susceptible to deliquescent suggestions.

However, psychologist, as well as sociologist, have a different view of deviance. They perceive that excessive social demands are the contributing factors to deviance, especially among teenagers. In this chapter, the author uses biology to explain differences in human capabilities. Some people are born with more advanced moral capabilities, which enable them to resist negative social demands. On the other hand, some people are born with less developed moral capabilities, which makes them fall easily to deliquescent suggestions. Thus, the idea from the concepts tends to exclude similar aspects as in deviance theories.

Psychologists have majored on the intra-psychic structures that ensure control. In regards to this, adults have developed a strong intra-psychic structure that promotes their overall control. However, as a result of the increasing rate of deviance in adolescent, psychologists have conceptualized adolescent as individuals who have a weak intra-psychic structure that has contributed to their weak control to issues. In regards to this, I can say that adolescent are described as people who are easily consumed by social demands because of the state of their intra-psychic.


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