Flynn Effect/Language

This assignment is a reflection of the Flynn effect and language. Part one is an overview of the Flynn effect and its practical application while part two is a narration of the experience I have had communicating with someone from another culture and one from my own culture.

Q1. The Flynn Effect

The Flynn effect is the tendency of IQ scores to increase with time. The apparent increase in intelligence is attributed to better education and nutrition (Trahan et al., 2014). In addition, people read more and also think more abstractly because of the availability of digital technology, hence the increase in IQ scores. I agree with this phenomenon because right now, I am wise and more intelligent than I used to be ten years ago. I ascribe my intelligence to age as well as education.

Q. 2 Language

Communicating with someone from another Culture

I have generally had great experiences with Uber. I have taken them several times, and almost all my trips have been good. However, recently, I had a very terrible experience with a Uber driver.  A friend requested an Uber to take me to dinner at his place, and as soon as I settled into the car, I realized that the driver wasn’t especially friendly and also not articulate. Uber has a policy that the passage can specify the preferred route. I wanted to take the route that was miles shorter but minutes longer. Then the trouble begins, in a thick Indian accent, the driver starts to complain, I did not understand much of what he was saying, but he kept on making snide comments in a language that I couldn’t understand. “Why you change the route,” he asked and sneered, “this long.”  I was polite in response and passively told him that according to google map the route and timing was okay. I didn’t say much throughout the ride, but the driver made snide comments until I arrived at my destination. And then he pulled a bill that was way higher than I had expected.

Communicating with Someone from my culture

Some time back, I was paired with a classmate, Jane, for a group assignment. The first time we met, our conversation went pretty well, and we finalized it by scheduling time for the next meeting. On the said assigned day, Jane came in pretty late, and she could put her phone down. We sat down, but Jane seemed uninterested, she was also very emotional.  No sooner had I began the discussion than she broke down crying. Jane cried for a while. I didn’t know what to do, on one hand, I wanted to ask what was wrong, yet I felt that that would be an intrusion. On the other hand, I wanted to hug her, to comfort her, but oi couldn’t.  So, I watched her crying very confused on what I should do. After a while, I decided to have the meeting adjourned to a later date. Jane’s emotional imbalance made it impossible for us to communicate.  I never got to know what was wrong with her, and I never bothered to ask, but all was well when we met for the next meeting.


This assignment is a reflection of the Flynn effect and communication barriers in communicating with someone from my culture and one who is not from my culture. The language barrier stood as a significant impact of effective communication in communicating with someone who was not from my culture, while emotional imbalance led to ineffective communication between Jane and I


Trahan, L. H., Stuebing, K. K., Fletcher, J. M., & Hiscock, M. (2014). The Flynn effect: a meta-analysis. Psychological bulletin140(5), 1332–1360. doi:10.1037/a0037173

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