McDonald’s case

According to recent research by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), McDonald’s customer service is still very slow, and most of the clients are not happy about the delay (Carden, Maldonado & Boyd, 2018). The best way that this issue can be addressed is by implementing methods and technological that would increase efficiency in ordering, and delivery process of the food

The latest technological adoption at McDonald’s has increased the complexity experienced at the chain. The technology is too advanced for the consumers to operate effectively. For instance, the voice-activated drive-through may be difficult for everyone to operate easily, and this may scare away some customers. This advancement may be limiting others from accessing its products as the company intends to speed up the service process. The organization tends to solve an issue like increasing the speed of services through automated systems. The complexity of the new technology makes it an issue since the complexity of the system might affect the overall service delivery. Customers expect every fast food to have a simple process.

Critical thinking and VUCA will be key to solving McDonald’s case. McDonald’s has to come up with a strategy that can make serving process simple. First, addition of online and mobile ordering and payment system can increase the speed of service. Second, building drive-through windows is a clever idea in this situation since it will certainly decongest the lines and transport would be faster. Increasing the number of drive-through windows will make the process simple and fast compared to the voice-activated drive-through. Third, addition of user-friendly digital kiosks inside the store which can be beneficial for customers with larger order. This way they can take their time and streamline their order which in turn can help reducing the congestion at the registers. Fourth, employee-training programs can also help in decongesting customer traffic. Appropriate training results in increased speed in service delivery.


The business organization always strives to remain competitive. Therefore, keeping up with the latest trends and advancements is a concern that every organization should understand. Technology can solve most of the needs of man regarding time (Scherer, Wünderlich & Von Wangenheim, 2015). In McDonald’s case, I recommend the creation of more drive through windows could speed up the process of ordering and reduce congestion at the registers. McDonald should simplify the process to create a customer-friendly service delivery process that is efficient and effective. I would recommend training operations for staff members to equip them with appropriate customer service skills to aid reduce the traffic. Having an efficient service delivery team will eliminate the traffic and improve customer service.

The VUCA concept has been implemented in many business organizations to guide strategic planning. The concept will be used to assess the viability of the situation and recommendation. In terms of volatility, the idea of creating drive-through windows as an example is a good idea if it is simplifying and making the process faster. Uncertainty will ensure that the strategy will solve the issue realized at McDonald’s. Both complexity and ambiguity are used to ensure that the strategy is simple. A simple strategy will improve customer service in the organization.

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