The First SLP assignment

My current role is more of management. This is because my task is to administer and coordinate resources effectively and efficiently to attain the goals of the organization successfully. I work under a supervisor with some group of workers answering to me. Mostly, I seek out information related to the organization and monitor internal workers assigned to me based on both their productivity and well-being (Hiriyappa, 2009). Thus, these roles are aligned towards management as opposed to leadership.

I would say that my supervisor is more of a leader because of his attributes. He has been a good role model for the team. Most of us have lived to learn from his actions. He usually sets an example of what he wants us to do (Hiriyappa, 2009). This is because the team must not only hear what they are expected to do but also watch from the leaders. Besides, the supervisor giving me the mandate of running a group of workers demonstrates his leadership traits.

Question 2

My supervisor has the following traits. First, he is an influencer. He usually majors on the people he needs to influence to achieve the vision. He understands the team and spends most of the time with them (Bauer & Erdogan, 2012). While my supervisors on people, I usually major in the structure and process that are appropriate to set and attain organizational goals. My focus has been to make sure that organizational goals are achieved without any compromises.

Second, my supervisor is a change agent. He usually embraces change and understands that there could be a better way even if things are working well. On the contrary, I usually stick to what functions well, refining systems, and structures to them better (Bauer & Erdogan, 2012). I am always comfortable with the status quo. In addition, my supervisor is more of a risk-taker while I tend to minimize the risks by engaging in projects that I am sure with.

Question 3

My supervisor is more of people/relationship-oriented. He usually major on issues centered on people. His focus is the people that they need to influence to achieve the organizational vision (Bauer & Erdogan, 2012). He knows and understands the team and spend more time with them. He tends to build loyalty and trust by regularly delivering on their promise. My supervisor’s goal is usually to create a good relationship with the team to achieve the set result.

On the other hand, I am task-oriented. I normally focus on the structures and processes that are relevant to develop and attain goals. I major on the analytical to make sure that systems are in place to achieve anticipated outcomes. I work with individuals and their goals and objectives. I always want a system to work effectively through all means.

Question 4

My leadership style is democratic leadership. This is because I usually allow the team members to contribute and make a decision regarding the operations of the organization. In addition, I usually treat everyone with the respect and fairness that they deserve. Thus, I believe that the most dominant leadership style due to my attributes is democratic. However, I believe that my supervisor is also a democratic leader. He is one person who believes in the capabilities of everyone (Bauer & Erdogan, 2012). Moreover, he believes in the followers learning something new and contributes to the overall development of an organization.


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