The impact of news media in the current society

The impact of news media in the current society is evident. New media’s influence has helped shape my perception of the development of the American government (Graber & Dunaway, 2017). The new media has helped us in understanding the political activities in the US government. I depend on the news media for various forms of information regarding the development of the US government. For instance, I usually get information on introduced or amended policies that can influence our life. In the field of politics, I usually believe that the position of news media is true and reliable. In this paper, I will evaluate how news media has my life as well as my perceptions of politics and governments.

The main duty of the media is to present us with information and alert us when critical events occur (Graber & Dunaway, 2017). This information from the media affects what I think as well as the actions I take. There is no argument that TV shapes how I view people and the world as a whole. For instance, through the new media, I learn about other people’s cultures as well as places that are safe to visit. In addition, the news media influences what I purchase, especially in the area of foodstuffs. For example, I learned the health effects of regular consumption of fast foods. From that moment, I became cautious about what I consume. Based on this, News media has greatly influenced my life.

Moreover, news media has influenced my perceptions of US politics. The way the news media chooses to convey the information and their position influences my perception. In 2016, the new media majored on Trump and Clinton, but Bernie Sanders was overlooked regardless of his manifesto that can advance the US forward. Based on this, I learned that the race was mainly between Clinton and Trump. I ignored the candidature of Bernie Sanders without proper reasons. It is worth noting that people will focus more on the trends presented in the media. I usually believe that new media has the correct information about issues such as politics. Thus, new media influences my position and current affairs in politics.

The news media remains to be the chief source of information on politics and the American government. News media presents a lot of information on the performance of the US government (Graber & Dunaway, 2017). For instance, information displayed about the issue of immigration has led to a negative perception that the government has failed to solve the situation. I have watched most of the news media discussions on various topics like immigration. In most cases, the media projects a possible and effective solution to the issue of immigration that is contrary to what the government is doing in their bid for a solution. Thus, the information that shaped my understanding that the government has failed is solving immigration issues.


News media has significantly influenced most of our daily life. Envisioning the media conversations on issues around life has transformed my understanding of politics and the US government in general. First, information from news media has influenced my perception in terms of healthy foods. Based on the information provided through news media, I have been cautious about what I consume, especially fast foods. Second, news media shaped by the perception that the US government is not doing enough to solve the issue of immigration that is affecting the reputation of the US.


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