I/O psychology

To provide I/O psychology at an individual level, certain knowledge and competencies are required. First is competency is assessing individuals. Consultants need knowledge on various procedures of assessing individuals including biographical information, interviews, and psychological tests. The second is competency in the intervention. This involves the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions directed at individuals (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2019).

The third competency is consultation. A consultant needs to know about the roles of other people he or she interacts with at a professional level (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2019). The fourth competency is competency in protecting the consumer. A consultant requires knowledge of ethical practice to be able to protect consumers. Supervision is also a core competency. To be a competent supervisor, a consultant requires skills such as sustaining a supervisory relationship, balancing various roles, and fostering the development of the supervisee. 

Compared to the reviewed knowledge and competencies at an individual level as an I/O psychologists, I possess the most required knowledge and competencies. I have knowledge of various procedures necessary for assessing individuals. Second, I am able to evaluate the intervention’s effectiveness. Third, I know most roles and functions of the people I interact with at the professional level. Fourth, I know the importance of protecting the consumer. I possess enough knowledge in ethical practice essential for an I/O psychologists (Hedge & Borman, 2008). However, even though I have knowledge of supervision, I need to acquire more skills to be a competent supervisor.

The following additional knowledge and competencies may be needed in the future while consulting at an individual level. A consultant will need integrity, trustworthiness, and critical thinking competencies to effectively help individuals. Professional development which is more of a capability may also be needed in the future. It comprises self-assessment and interpersonal functioning (Zelin et al., 2015).


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