A Modest Proposal’

Swift uses satire in a unique and effective way in ‘A Modest Proposal’ such that one cannot tell whether it is irony or not. He chooses serious words and expresses them in a way that a reader cannot easily tell that the author is being ironic. A reader has to be very keen to note the rare mocking remarks Swift makes concerning the landlords he is criticizing.

By the time Swift was writing the piece, many Irish people were suffering due to extreme poverty. Ireland men were harshly exploited by politicians. Many people wrote about these deplorable conditions of the Irish people and got little or no response. However, by using a different approach, Swift through his use of satire was able to attract more attention.

Using satirical parody was beneficial for Swift in proving his point. For instance, when Swift talks about how a child who is one year old is nourishing, delicious, and wholesome food, he shocks the audience. The irony in the sentence is obviously clear to shock the target audience and make them realize the ridiculousness of the proposal which reflects the ridiculousness tolerated by the society.

Use of satire is common in our world today. This is especially so in times of crisis. Authors and members of the society often use satire to put pressure on power abuse when there is political or any other crisis. For instance, a campaign against racial inequality shows a white squad ready to stand -in for people of color at risk of facing discrimination. The entertaining video assures the blacks that the paste-colored office and all white workers will work on their favour. The video is entertaining but at the same time it shows how real racism is.

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