FEMA’s whole community doctrine website and pathways for action is an article describing the principles of a whole community approach to emergency management in broader perspective.

 The report is divided into different sections whereby we have the first section giving a discussion on the aspect of engagement. As we go deep into the issue of engagement, the author tries to enlighten the reader that when a community is engaged, it becomes empowered towards the identification of their basic needs and the available resources that may be required for their satisfaction.

From the article, we also find interest in other aspects brought in by the author such as principles, which incorporates understanding and meet the basic needs of the entire community, engage and empower the whole community and lastly strengthen what works on a daily basis. Additionally, we get the aspect of principles, themes, and pathways for action in that case. Considering all these aspects, we find the author meeting his anticipation of the article.

As a reader of the article especially a student of management or rather in the position of management, we find the article of more benefits as it brings in the principles or rather strategies that need to be taken into practice to try deal with the occurrence of emergencies. The doctrine further in the section on principles is of more significant to get to understand deep the principles that need to be to be considered making it easier for the entire community to engage in coordinating emergency plans across the country. Also, we find that FEMA DOCTRINE involves the whole community regardless of whom you are to enhance the aspect of dealing with the occurrence of emergencies.

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