Gloria Cordes Larson

The ways of helping those who are educated to live in the tough society especially when they finished school should be looked at. This is because unemployment has become the main challenge in the whole world. Graduates of all levels, mostly in USA should know that when they finished school, chances of lacking job are high

        Graduates students should engage themselves in talents instead of waiting to be employed, yet there are no jobs in the market. For sure it seems that there is a disconnect to good jobs with this generation. So all what graduate have to do is to seat down and look ways of solving this. Or they should go for research organizations so that to help we on how these issues of jobless may be solved one of the most Research shows most of the business recruits peoples by not caring about their skills. Or business manager’s recruits people while using soft skills or no even skills and that is one major impact why growth of unemployment is raising.

All the study must be combined with hands because they are all equal. Corporate partners can also help to teach the curriculums of both hard and soft skills and shape curriculums also

Students both hard and soft skills and they should be adopted and adapted in all colleges. But in fact challenge in higher education is that they want to give hand skill first priority. Colleges and universities should be admitting both hard and soft skill student

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