At  first, this place is response area  because it is included in the nuclear  power  plant which is existing behind energy corporation, located  In  Buchanan. This nuclear power plant have been existing  within the residents   Westchester county, Rockland county, Orange county  and  Putnam county. And the residents  of  this  above  counties  should  be  a bit  aware  of how  to keep  prepared  because  any kind of radiological emergency can appear strongly. Also the same residence should know that it is risk staying 10-miles radius of Indian point because this is a real nuclear power plant.

                        Emergency planning zone {EPZ} and radiological emergency plan {REP} for the Indian point energy center had been explaining how dangerous it should be if any kind of radiological emergency can appear. This has been a warning because in fact within 10-miles radius area population is about 300,000-350,000 people. So, that means if any danger may sprout many people would lose their lives.  On the other hand, there is a disaster accountability project which some of them are governmental and nongovernmental organization, but are working to save lives and reduce sufferings if the disaster should appear of preparedness or maybe response.

                        But going back to the dangers of living within 10-miles radius area, this disasters accountability projects are guiding and helping people to be prepared for a possible emergency at the India point energy. Really messages from this disasters accountability projects have been sent to all people who lives within Indian point” Emergency planning Zone.”

                        Government accountability office, {GAO} and disaster solving should educate families within or around Indian point preparedness in a strong manner.  They should also educate families also what to do after the disaster maximized .And because disaster event may affect more than 300,000 people, these disaster solving should register evacuees, make security good, have a hint of businesses continuity, making frustructer so that public transport may run smoothly. Also they should search shelter provision for those who may found themselves in a disaster. Again communication network should be looked at.

                        Going forward this disaster solving organizations should keep on educating and defining how dangerous residences are living in. also they should enforce evacuation orders which are foe public safety. In fact, here even the central government should outline orders to evacuate specific areas. They should do this through broadcasting, radio, television. They should keep on repeating  that if a disaster appear, people who are evacuate should move outside of emergency planning zone{EPZ}. Again disaster solving organization should let residence receive warnings and emergency information’s via the web, cell phone and emails because this is not a comfort zone.

                        On the side of health, healthy officials have to recommend residence living within 10-miles to be taking medicine for protection. It is again important that emergency at Indian point alarms to be loud and clear without ant interruptions.

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