Terrorism has been in existence for as long as I remember and before talking about how it has changed over years it is important to first understand that the term terrorism stands for violence against humanity by certain people for self-gain and is usually characterized by political and religious motives. Terrorism is a crime against humanity and nothing can justify their actions in what so ever way.

            There has been a lot of changes in terrorism by the terrorist themselves on quite a range of issues running from the funding down to how they commit this bloodier killings. Unlike in the past they have resorted to widening their groups by creating political movements in various states therefore carrying out more attacks across the world. Funding is no longer just done by certain states but they have developed new strategies of getting resources and money to support their organization and the main reason as to why state funding of terrorism has reduced is due to sanctions imposed on any state found guilty of this act. Technology wise is something they have greatly embrace too because their weapons and their form of communication has changed tremendously over a period of time and the fact that they can pass messages to the public easily has somehow worked for them (Pisoiu, 2014).

            The article by Jenkins is therefore true to say it is like it was written this year because everything he talked about is what is being seeing today happening. There has been great change in the way terrorism is being carried out and if they do not stop now then it will only get worse. 


Pisoiu, D. (Ed). (2014)Arguing Counterterrorism: NEW YORK. Routledge.

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