Gettysburg Address

Circumstances of the appeal – the historical situation, the issues at stake, the purpose of the argument, and the reasons it is memorable. Abraham Lincoln, the U.S president in 1863 and the most famous in American history delivered Gettysburg Address. The speech was read during the dedication of the national soldier’s cemetery after civil war […]

Hypothyroidism pathophysiology

Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid is a hypometabolic condition from deficiencies in T4 and T3 hormones caused by chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (Hahimoto’s disease) radioactive iodine, thyroid cancer, and inflammatory diseases, surgical therapy, deficiency of iodine and drugs interfering with synthesis of thyroid hormone. It leads to destruction of thyroid gland by lymphocytes attacking glands. It also […]

Stimulants and depressants

Drugs are types of chemicals that change the normal working of the body. They are classified into depressants, hallucinogens, painkillers, performance enhancers and stimulants. Effects on the drug depend on psychological, genetic, and physical make up, current physical and psychological state and method of use (Ksir & Hart, 2012). Source, quantity, quality, and strength of […]

How to reduce poverty

Andreeska, Irena. “The effect of globalization to the world poverty and economic inequality.” Globalization (2001): 1-12. Print. Poverty is real in the world due to inadequate basic wants among many families. In globalization times, most nations get exploited living citizens in either extreme poverty or riches. However, excellent capitalist grows wider and wider and unites […]

What was CONFIG meant to accomplish?

CONFIG is a software system designed as an expert system for sale representatives to assist them manufacture products without errors before they quoted prices. Markus and Keil explain that it was specifically  targeted to CompuSys computer Company in reduction of costly allowances in their supply of hardware free of charge to their customers. It was […]

Medication administration

Knox, C., & schoenly, L. (2012). Medical administration risks. Omnisure advocate.1-7. Retrieved from Author’s viewpoint Knox and schoenly views medical administration as a task with most risks in nursing practice and one that requires safeguarding in its delivery. Many errors occur as medicine is prescribed on patients including death. Medication delivery system has element […]

Clinical genome sequencing

Is more information always good within the context of clinical genome sequencing?  Clinical genome sequencing             Clinical genome sequencing is a generic term that determines the sequence of clinical genes, related interpretation, bio informatics analysis and the correlation between clinical genotype and phenotype. The process is undertaken by certified laboratories in addressing their clinical question. […]

Importance of The longest memory in the novel

The chapter discuses the position of slaves in the society. The Virginian editorial presents arguments about whipping slaves as methods of disciplining them are presented. Slaves have greater responsibilities from their masters unlike free humans. The chapter stresses the importance of fully compensating slave sellers. It argues that credits given to free humans should be […]

Main ideas of the exhibit

United nations international in their article “ lest we forget”  has placed iconic images representing defenseless victims, their helpless nature, victims who have lived in cruel situations, slave castles, and ships to demonstrate the conditions experienced by slaves. The pictures demonstrate bound captives with long marches as they toil endlessly on cotton, sugar, and tobacco […]

Gore’s employees?

Question 1: What influences the performance of Gore’s employees?             Their sponsors who are allocated to each hired associate influence gore’s employees. The associate is responsible of coaching and being their advocate at work. They track the progress of new associates, tackle their problems, and educate them on goals of the Company. They also assist […]

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