Factors considered when choosing a research design

A research design is a strategy that one chooses to integrate different components if the given study in a logical and coherent way thus ensuring that the research problem is addressed adequately. There are different types of research designs. They include; action, case-study, casual, cohort, cross-sectional, descriptive, experimental, explanatory, historical, longitudinal, meta-analysis, mixed method, observational, philosophical and sequential research design. When selecting a research design, one should consider a few factors.

            First and foremost, the research problem determines the research design used. The study base, which is the source population, is a major factor.it can be broad in some types of research or narrow in other forms of research. This entirely depends on how well the researcher understands the research problem (Kane, 2011).

            The study timeline is also a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a research design. This is the time taken to collect data for the research problem. The timeline can either be historical, retrospective or prospective. Some studies require one to collect historical data and compare them to the present while some other studies require data from the foreseen future (Kane, 2011).

            The researcher needs to classify his study as either quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative research involves gathering and analyzing data that can be measured whereas qualitative research looks at the open-ended questions on topics that can’t be measured (Kane, 2011).

Reliability and repetition as a factor come into play when a design type can be replicated by a separate group of researchers and the methodologies used should produce the same results. Listing the criteria used in choosing design and all equipment used is a good way of ensuring reliability and repetition (Kane, 2011).


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