kind of schedule

The problem with this kind of schedule is ambiguity because due to the importance of each class; the student may fail to know which class to attend and give more time. It affects the performance in that much time may be spent in completing the required of one class at the expense of the other classes hence failure of one or more classes may arise. for productivity, the schedule should be followed when to attend what class and when to attend to other business. a well-organized schedule will lead to high productivity.

Question two

Functional organizational structure is the best organization structure to be adopted in the case of Barbata Electronics; this is because the structure permits the use of personal with greater flexibility. This will allow the company to go out of their normal production limited to producer more income generating products hence increase in profit margins.

Question three: when is it advisable apply a strong matrix as opposed to dedicated project team?

In a case whereby flexibility is needed in an organization, a strong matrix project management team are required as opposed to the dedicated project team. Saving time is of the essence for any project to be done. Therefore, the time may run out. Hence, flexibility may be the only saving opportunity hence. working with different people from a different department at such a time allows the management gain and acquire new Ideas hence leading to completion of an efficient object as opposed to the dedicated project team.

Question four

Why is it important to assess the culture of an organization before deciding what project management structure should be used to complete a project?

The culture of an organization defines the values as well as the social behaviors hence contributing to the physiological environment of a company. The culture will define what the organization will major on, the number of employees, the number of departments, the physical structure to be used and various activities to be done among others. this means that for all the organizational goals to be met during and after completion of the project, the organization culture must be taken into consideration. In addition, the project managers must be in constant coordination with the clients to make sure that the original design of the project adheres to and no alteration that could cause future problems on the completed projects.


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