Merger with competitor company XYZ, Inc.

Am certain you’re all aware of the unfortunate decline in the company’s performance. This doesn’t look good for us. Thus, we are forced into a merger with our largest competitor. Our competitor has agreed to let 80% of the workforce to stay, but performance reviews will be mandated to assess the employee value. This is regardless of the time spent working in this company. This is for the improvement of the performance of the company.

This merger will be of benefit to this company in terms of: dealing with the multinational threats, increased profitable sales of the company, better chances of investments, great efficiency in redundancy and to protect the company from closure. Evaluation of all employees will be done by rating scales, looking at critical incidences and objectives achieved.

This merger is just temporary until the company gets back on its performance feet again. In case of any clarifications or question regarding this adjustment, book an appointment with my secretary and I’ll answer all answerable questions in my office.

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