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Focusing on the notion of humanity in the current world and preoccupations of people has triggered me to understand the effects of criminal justice as well as, crimes that affect individual’s decisions and the approach in which they react and receive information on the overall subject of criminology. Everyday we watch our televisions, read newspapers and magazines and it is a fact that the subject of criminology is always discussed and hence, we view different criminal issues that have remained unsolved. The evolution of the world has made a significant benefit to our society in exempting the issues of poverty but, still the question remains unanswered as to why we still have cases of crimes and if the cases are unsolved then how many crimes are committed within the society without the acknowledgment of the professionals. If we need to stop the cases of crimes in the whole world we need the required knowledge and professionalism of criminology.

I will consider Wilde Oscar assertion that the only approach an individual can exempt temptations is by yielding to it (Wilde Oscar 2013). The role played by temptation in the criminal psyche contest is one of the aspects that have compiled my analytic mind and inquisitive to gain a clear understanding and knowledge. The question indicates whether the society and individual committing the crimes need temptation in order to adequately function. However, does this imply that it is the nature of temptation to be in the mind and in our society hence, leading to criminal issues and on the other hand, does it mean that these aspects need each other in order to be active? Interpreting criminal behavior is one of the infinite aspects associated with criminals existing all over the world. The complexities that surround criminology and its activities enthrall me and I can conclude that they are far beyond human imagination and logical reasoning.  

The desire and passion I possess for understanding and analyzing individual logic and behavior has always been fascinating to me and the most intergruing criminal initiatives that automatically trigger my subconscious include understanding how criminals work. I choose to study the Masters of Science in Criminal Justice because I have always possessed the passion and the desire to gain a clear overview of not only the main aspects that drive the activities of crimes but also the society’s function which enhance criminalization of such initiatives. On the other hand, I am interested in upgrading my studies in criminology for understanding the main causes and reasons of the criminals committing crimes and explore how the society is impacted by such types of crimes.  Human mind is one of the fascinating ideas and analyzing how the human mind is connected to crime in order to understand the criminal behavior is significant. Finally, the most interesting aspect that has led me to choose the program as a path to my future career is because I understand that people need to acknowledge need of the law. This is the most fascinating reasons to my study because I still need to understand how the Government and states enforce the law in prisons that have been overcrowded and more so; raising the taxpayer’s costs hence, leading to people becoming more relaxed in understanding the rules.  The criminal trends currently and the drugs availability are interesting subjects that will focus on the impacts of such aspects to the society.

Therefore, taking my graduate study will assist me in my career goals in the field of criminal justice. First, I will understand the nature of the human mind and how the crime is connected to the mind and understand how the society is impacted the activities of crimes. Second, I will also be in a position to understand the role played by the government in dealing with criminals and the ways in which the government contributes in raising the taxpayer’s costs hence deviating people to understand the significance of the law.

I am qualified in this field since I gained enough skills and knowledge in the human resource department field where I worked as the assistance human resource officer. Although my leadership experiences as a human resources specialist taught me many valuable lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and management, through all my responsibilities, it impacted my grades.   Thus, I do not view my undergraduate performance as an accurate representation of my academic abilities.  I certainly deserved all the grades I received; I earned them.  However, I hope the above reasons will assist you in understanding my particular situation.   I grew from this experience and took a dedicated approach to professional education.  I would respectfully ask the admission committee consider this when reviewing my application.” I am also fluent in other languages such as Akan, Twi, and Ewe. Other qualifications I possess include Eighteen years of Human Resources Specialist work experience; Proficient in using Word, Access, and Excel. Finally the Training certificates includes Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts, Associate Science in Liberal Arts, Certificate in Homeland Certificate

On the other hand, in order to be proficient and effective in attaining my Masters program it is important to focus on the academic preparedness resources.  It is true that study skills are essential aspects in enhancing academic success.  Developing effective study habits is not all about rocket science, they need to be practiced in order for an individual to excel. It is a fact that no way can two students be in a position to use the same study skills and it is a fact   that what can be convenient for one individual can fail to be suitable to another. There are several techniques or methods that I can apply in order to get ready for classes.  Simple and effective study habits that I will use include listening and taking notes in the class, getting prepared for the classes in time, and requesting the lecture to assist in time of questions and finally revising class work on regular basis. On the other hand, time management is a significant concept that I will also include in the study skills therefore weekly or monthly calendars, to do lists will assist me keeping track of my class work.

My professional experience is also significant to attaining my Masters program and in this way; I worked for the past eighteen years as Human resource specialist. During my professional experience I was able to gain enough skills such as Participating in occupational classification and human resource management; supervision of activities that involved processing personnel actions and personnel records for the service members.  Evaluating personnel qualification for specific assignments, Process classification/reclassification actions; maintain and prepare the officers personnel records, maintain and prepare the files with the data processing systems.

Additionally, I also gained critical experience in this field and included Providing  technical guidance and training to subordinates; Supervising different personnel roles in different human resource office, Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps  and human resource services support activity; advising commanders on soldiers and personnel readiness and strength levels of supported reporting units; reviewing consolidated reports, statistics, applications, and preparing recommendations for personnel actions to higher headquarters; reviewing and preparing reports and data on staffing levels of personnel and makes duty assignments of enlisted personnel; reviewing cyclic and other reports to assess systems performance; maintaining liaison with servicing data processing facility and field managers of interfaced systems. Supervising quality assurance procedures; advises commander, adjutant, and other staff members on human resource administration activities. Other significance duties include Homeland Security, Airline Security, Protective Service, and Management Studies.

It is true that online learning has become legitimate and prominent in higher education. Therefore possessing online experience is an added advantage to gaining my Masters program which implies that I need to participate in the classroom on weekly basis on the other hand, it will assist in following and contributing to my classmates as a result of the flow of online dialogue. The online syllabus involves specific information on grading criteria, assignment schedule, learning objectives that will assist me to cope up with the program.


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