Cyber Terrorism

Cyber terrorism is illegal computer based activity with the mandate of damaging and disrupting vital computer systems; cyber terrorism is a primary tool used by a modern terrorist whose actual intention is unknown. Cyberterrorism has become a major concerned to the international community a factor noted by information and technology industries, additionally with the society ever growing dependence on technology it becomes a weakness allowing terrorist to approach areas of that would otherwise be utterly unassailable to target, good example national defense systems (Janczewski & Colarik, 2008).

                                        Attraction of Cyber Terrorism to Terrorist

  The Internet as also proven to be a great value to cyber terrorist groups to spread their propaganda as modern terrorist are further attracted to cyber terrorism. First, because they can conduct their activity remotely with less physical training this reduce the risk of mortality and making it easy to recruit members and be able to reach groups sympathizers and followers. Second with viruses and infected files the cyber terrorist has a potential of hitting a large number of people that will grab the attention of the media (A Study of Driving Force Mechanism of Ecosystem of Cyber-Society Based on the ISM 2013).

                              Impact of Cyber Terrorism

Furthermore, cyberterrorist will cause immense damage to international financial market, the stock exchange causing countries’ economies to come to a standstill. A cyber terrorist will remotely manipulate the medication formula saved in pharmaceutical computer causing loss of life; also, the cyber-terrorist will target to interfere with the air control system for it only entail cracking in the pilot cockpit sensor which will eventually lead to the collision of aircraft. The terrorist may hack into the gas line and change the gas pressure leading to failure of valve causing explosion on areas across the pipeline (Weimann, Gabriel,2006).

                   Ways to Combat Cyber Terrorism

To counter the action of cyber terrorism, strategic plans are put in place to ensure the well-being of the nation and its citizen are guaranteed. First, by the prosecution of the guilty party if there can be an increasing number of perpetrator brought to book it will change the mindset cyber-terrorist on seeing the consequences of their action. Develop best security practice that met their needs which will require a lot of cooperation among parties involved, deploys primary security application example firewalls; antivirus software and establishes business continuity and disaster management recovery plans which should be rehearsed and tested regularly.


 Furthermore, cyber terrorism continues to change with time.Hacking tools being readily available and becoming easier to use, leaves  infrastructure that are dependable on online system  vulnerable to online attacks unless this systems are well secured performing terrorist activity will  become very easy to  accomplish, in order to counter the development made by terrorist the government agencies in cooperation with industries can protect  its equipment against cyber-attacks by improving it is online defense system and funding research and development that are aim at safeguarding the internet allowing to change the web and using it as tool to compact cyberterrorism  . But the fact of the matter is cyber terrorism, for now, seems not to be a primary tool for terrorist as time goes by technology advances so will the modern means of war and terrorist will look for current ways to counter the government.


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