Trends in Food Attitudes and Behaviors

The study “Trends in Food Attitudes and Behaviors among Adults with 6-11-year-old Children” proposes a significant survey data analysis that measures food behaviors and attitude among adults with children aged six to ten years old as from 2002 to 2010 (Mariea, Courtney 2012) According to the study results indicate some numerous positive improvements in the behaviors and attitudes towards healthy diets. Caregivers report high intake of fiber, putting into consideration the aspects of calories and reducing consumptions of generic and sweets foods hence, putting healthy diets into consideration (Mariea, Courtney 2012). But in some cases there are areas that need a lot of improvement which involve the neutral views that indicate foods are very healthy and on the healthy foods a snack is required. On the other hand, the caregiver’s behaviors and attitude have indicated improvement in relation to healthy diet. The overall study indicates that a clear understating of the snacking mindset by the parental and the inclusion of the paradox on healthy diet can assist in understanding the concepts of childhood obesity (Mariea, Courtney 2012).

 According to the study “food marketing to children on US Spanish Language Television” indicates that Latino children have a high exposure to child hood obesity. According to the research illustrate that more than 80% of beverages and foods advertised on Television use the Spanish language hence having a high impact on Latino children towards high risks of obesity (Kunkel, Mastro & Ortiz 2013). The study analyzed 158 advertised Spanish languages on television mostly for children and made a comparison to 139 advertised English languages in 2009 between February and April (Kunkel, Mastro & Ortiz 2013).  The study indicated disparities among foods advertised using Spanish language on television and food advertised using English language hence, illustrating that Spanish children have a higher exposure to childhood obesity therefore the overall issue requires to be addressed in public health policy.


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