Importance of The longest memory in the novel

The chapter discuses the position of slaves in the society. The Virginian editorial presents arguments about whipping slaves as methods of disciplining them are presented. Slaves have greater responsibilities from their masters unlike free humans. The chapter stresses the importance of fully compensating slave sellers. It argues that credits given to free humans should be equalized with those given to slaves because slaves have different feelings, put different value to things, and have different attachment habits. Slaves believe that they will escape hounds, chains and whips soonest possible.

Old slaves should never be abandoned in plantations but should be occupied with lighter duties. They should be viewed as sources of wisdom for younger slaves thus their presence in plantations is important in offering guidance, Instructions, demonstrating obedience, discipline and hard work to younger slaves.

Female slaves pose great temptations to people, especially males, but should be avoided according to religious laws. They should be given their male counterparts to bear children. However, if sexually abused, they instill bitterness between the master and his wife.

Christianity is compatible with slavery because through its values, it argues that slaves should be treated fairly with proper instructions. Christianity was spread because there were slaves who required to be set free and that the slaves have equal share of life after death in God. Plantations where slaves are working should be run in proper policies and rules without keeping the whip aside. The whip is used in disciplining the slaves and placing them in their position. However, abuses, chains, bloodhounds should be avoided. Slaves should he given balanced diets to satisfy them, fair work amounts and good treatments to be motivated to work hard (105-117).


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