In consideration of the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar and related disorders, how might you assess Kelly?

Applied Research Case Analysis III

This assignment focuses on case analysis and direct application of course concepts to the persons and situations presented in each case vignette. All discussions must take into account the legal and ethical considerations, as well as issues of culture and diversity that may pertain to the situations presented below. Cultural can be found in the DSM-5. Outside research in culture is encouraged.

Use the reading assignments thoroughly in an integrative discussion that illustrates your ability to apply research in clinical case analysis. You are also required to use evidence-based research taken from current on-line or hard copy journals to enhance the course text material. A minimum of 4 evidence-based research articles are required. Remember to cite and reference all work in APA format.

Please keep your responses focused on what is presented in the vignette. Do not add information but use your creativity to support what you see in the vignette as written. Avoid elaborations and assumptions. This assignment MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English.

Your discussion should be approx. approx 4 pages per case vignette.
Entire assignment should be approx 8 pages plus a title and reference page

Case Five

Kelly is a 22-year-old woman from a strong Irish-Catholic background. She comes into therapy upon the ultimatum of her new husband because of her impulsivity, spending money and obsession with the home shopping channel, which she watches all night. Kelly says, “since we got married he is such a pinch penny. He used to be my ‘partner in crime’. Life was exciting and spontaneous. Now he wants to settle down and have a family. How boring is that! I’m a free spirit and love living on the edge. Who has time to sleep! I love to party, I love to run on a whim and I love to shop! Oh, and let me tell you about the awesome deal I just got. I have this special ability to be in the right place at the right time. Did you know that tomorrow there are half-off sales at the mall and by the way, I just love the thrill of being the first one at the door when the store opens.” During the interview, Kelly appears relaxed but keeps shifting her position in her chair. When you ask her if she has ever been depressed, she tells you, “sometimes the world seems dark and heavy and did you know that your picture frames are crooked?” She denies suicidal ideation, but admits to not wanting to get out of bed some mornings, until an idea strikes her and she’s “off and running again”.

Using the text information from Chapters 12 through 16:
1. In consideration of the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar and related disorders, how might you assess Kelly?

2. What would you target in treatment?

3. What form(s) from the text might you utilize in your work with Kelly as a therapeutic intervention?

4. How might her responses be used to initiate change?

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