Importance of Health and Nutrition on Child’s development

Child development is  growth or changes that occurs in human beings either physicaly,biologically and emotionally.It’s a continuance process with a more of a predictable sequence, having some course which are unique in every child.we have various types of child development which indicates stages of  growth, these are physical development,cognitive, development and others [“Healthy child program”,2009]. […]

Article Critique: Change Management

Change management involves all the measures that are taken by the administrators or managers of an institution to ensure that the organization’s activities are up to date with the current trends. Change management is a very vital and key factor for every organization, department or institution that wants to remain competitive in the field of […]


The brain of a human being is the central control unit of the body. It is where decisions are made and behavioral characteristics sourced. Feelings, emotions and responses are all controlled of the brain. Hope, fear and other  mental conditions cannot be controlled by conducting surgery and pharmacological interventions to the individuals. I think they […]

A project is an undertaking with a well-defined structure,

A project is an undertaking with a well-defined structure, objectives, and expected to last a certain period. Usually, a project brings together individuals from different disciplines and a predetermined budget and source or the required resources. Project management refers to the process of initiating, making the arrangement, executing and bringing together the efforts of a […]

Forensic photography

Forensic photography is also referred to as crime scene photography or forensic imaging. It is the skill of producing accurate crime scene inform of the photograph that can be used in court or to help in conducting the investigation. Forensic photography is categorized as one of the steps towards collecting evidence related to an individual […]

Module 5 INT Data Centers

What is the importance of facilities management as it relates to IT Infrastructure? The main goal of IT facilities management is to manage and ensure there is order in the region or place where the IT infrastructure is located. The facility management will include all activities and roles relating to maintenance, repairs, security, installation, environment […]

Air Quality

Air pollution can be attributed to different causes, the research done shows that there are two categories of the sources of pollution. The mobile sources which include Vehicles, Planes, and Trains Natural sources like volcanic eruptions and windblown dust and finally the stationary sources like the factories and power plants. The Government of the United […]

Memory of Forgotten War

The film, “Memory of Forgotten War” shows the costs that human beings incur in case the there are conflicts within the military or the soldiers. The films convey the Korean war that took place between 1950-1953. The survivors were forced to separate with their families for many years through which the fight was going on. […]

The speech made by Anthony Griffith

The speech made by Anthony Griffith was truly appealing and inspiring; he had two contradicting events in his life. His sick daughter caused pain in his heart which hurt him greatly. On the other side, he had to make people laugh working as a comedian. It wasn’t an easy task to push forward the two […]

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