A project is an undertaking with a well-defined structure,

A project is an undertaking with a well-defined structure, objectives, and expected to last a certain period. Usually, a project brings together individuals from different disciplines and a predetermined budget and source or the required resources. Project management refers to the process of initiating, making the arrangement, executing and bringing together the efforts of a team to fulfill certain success criteria.

There are environmental forces that have changed or impacted the way projects are managed. The forces lie all around making it difficult for the managers to avoid them however they have established ways to control the forces. The forces include changes in technology, the competition in the global environment, the product life cycle, the market timing and also the organization downsizing. (Gray & Larson 2008)

The above forces have had an impact towards the management of projects.  The effects of the forces include; a single organization can handle many projects at the same time, Introduction of teams to handle certain projects and work through to ensure such projects are well implemented. Accountability has also been seen, whereby the managers of every project are required to give an account of the resources used. The structures of the organizations have also been revolutionized to fit the modern day environment; various organizations are also taking projects as priorities with an aim of conserving the limited resource of an organization. Organizations have also started to form alliances with other organizations to finance and implement massive projects. The environmental forces have also brought in the need for fast and rapid completion of projects. (Aldrich & Herker 1977)

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