Lego’s Market Segmentation Strategy

  1. which of the personas does the Lego Group spend the most social media marketing time and effort? It is likely that different personas will emerge for the Lego Group over time? Explain.

Lego Group spend most of their social media marketing time trying to focus on the needs of the upper three segments of the personas. They include the Lead users, the connected community and 1:1 Community. Using the online communities and the available social networks Lego Group has managed to give particular attention to these people and generate ideas from them. These ideas are used to develop new products and brands for the Lego Group. Through the social networks, the Lego Group also continues to encourage them to remain loyal to the Company’s goods and acts as the advocates of the company to the outside world. New personas will automatically emerge because by the use of social media the Lego Group can reach more people.

  1. What factors may have influenced the Lego Group’s target marketing decisions?

Lego Group marketing decisions might have been driven by their close study of the consumer behaviors. The segmented the market to identify clearly the areas that needed more attention to boosting the sales of the group’s products. For example, the upper segments were already aware of the products, Lego Group already had established a relationship with them, unlike the lower segments whose relation with the manufacturer was poor. The All Households had not even consumed or bought any of the toys therefore much attention regarding marketing was needed.


  1. Who is the company’s secondary optimal target audience? What social media marketing efforts might help the company reach those other audiences?

The Lead users are the secondary optimal target audience for Lego Group because their feedback is valuable the Company. They use the ideas sourced from the lead users to develop new products that help them hold a reasonable market share and continue to realize the good profit. The same advantage has helped the Lego Group to remain competitive in the market field. Proper market segmentation helps in identifying the most favorable social media to reach all target audience.


  1. How does identifying a target audience with personas help a company select the best social media platforms to focus its social media marketing efforts on?

Platform selection is built on the target audience and the product that the Group intends to market. Using the personas helped the company was able to identify the group that needed more attention concerning marketing. Looking at the categories of the Lego Group product consumption there are those consumers who were highly involved with the Group’s products. Lego Group had to employ effective social media connection with such customers because their ideas were used in designing new products; it is as if they had become part of the producing company. However, the All Household consumers too needed an effective social media platform to make them aware of the products and convince them to purchase the toys.



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