Module 5 INT Data Centers

  1. What is the importance of facilities management as it relates to IT Infrastructure?

The main goal of IT facilities management is to manage and ensure there is order in the region or place where the IT infrastructure is located. The facility management will include all activities and roles relating to maintenance, repairs, security, installation, environment monitoring, and source of power. All these areas need a close attention because if they are not attended to the It infrastructure will collapse failing to perform the expected functions. The role played by the facilities managers can not be ignored by any organization or firm that wishes to achieve its goals. On the other hand, the IT infrastructure cannot work on themselves. Therefore, they always need human beings behind them, skilled individuals and experts in specific fields act as the best facility managers to maximally utilize the abilities of the available IT infrastructures.

  1. What is at risk from a business perspective if facilities management is not done well?

Giving this topic a business approach allows me to think of the line of any main business activity all business enterprises consider the possibility of making losses and profits. If facility management is not taken seriously, the firm concerned may not reap the maximum benefit from its facilities. However, there is a possibility of damage and other related hazards due to poor management. The data center may also be at a high risk of being accessed by the wrong people, therefore losing its core value.

 What things need to be managed for every new piece of equipment deployed in a data center and why?

The organization or the earlier status of the data center need to be considered, Is the new equipment adding value? Is it improving the data center taking it to a better position than earlier? Installation process needs to be managed in the best possible manner to ensure that if connects perfectly with the existing equipment.

  1. At what times will you be willing to allow people to make changes in your data center and bring new servers or infrastructure online?

Technology is undergoing significant evolution; every day new inventions are made aimed at improving the quality and performance of the data systems. I will be willing to allow people or experts make changes to my existing data center. Such innovations allow improvements and upgrades from the old systems to the latest systems that are more efficient and characterized with high speed and performance abilities. The servers will allow me to control and manage my data center easily managing what other people can access from my end.

  1. What are the critical things that need to be managed in a data center?

There are the essential elements of every data center which according to me needs to be managed efficiently to avoid failures and errors. They are very critical and deserve that close attention to reap their maximum benefit. Evolution and discoveries made every day have transformed the data center into a very different and high concern environment. The things or elements that require close management in a data center remain to be important to both small and large firms. They include Security; the data center should have physical security; again the systems should always be locked and not accessible to unauthorized people. Accountability should also be practiced, through employing qualified persons this helps in tracking the interactions of people and the data center. Finally, the policies adopted matter; all processes need to be built on individual policies to facilitate easy management of the data center.

  1. What is the importance of a change Control Process?

When bringing change into the system data management of the change process is vital, it helps the responsible people to analyze the impact of that change on the system. If the advantages or benefits of such change are not clear, it becomes difficult for the management to adopt such change. At times, the management may opt to drop the change. In other cases, the change control process is responsible to monitor the effects of such change, by ensuring that the negative ones do not take place only giving room for the positive impact of such change. This assures the management that the data center remains secure and safe.

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