Social media tool for promotional mix

The world is undergoing a major revolution regarding communication, moving away from the ancient means of which were less efficient and not reliable. The recent means of communication are improved and reliable. The social media has taken over because the internet is currently available everywhere. People can communicate with emails, the social platforms, and blogs.

The business world has not been left behind by this great wave; both the producers and consumers are so much into social media to market and promote their products. The customers or consumers are out there to search for information about new products and to make choices on the best brands in the market. Through social media the marketing process is now integrated, the producers no longer have the power to control the information that the consumer gets. Consumers hold discussions about the producers output (products) with an aim to enlighten each other.

Promotional mix involves the information that flows from the organization to the external environment that comprises the consumers. Lately organizations that are the producers release such information through the social media. Much attention should be given to the promotion mix because at all cost it should always present the exact values held by the organization. This helps in building the trust of the consumers and strengthening their loyalty to the products of an individual organization.

The organizations need also to establish blogs and other social media platforms whereby they can freely interact with their customers. Enlighten the consumers on what best suits their needs and give the necessary attention to their views, at times, such views can be used to develop new products to meet the market demand. The marketing departments in each and every organization should utilize social media in their promotion mix to enable them to reach more consumers.

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