The speech made by Anthony Griffith

The speech made by Anthony Griffith was truly appealing and inspiring; he had two contradicting events in his life. His sick daughter caused pain in his heart which hurt him greatly. On the other side, he had to make people laugh working as a comedian. It wasn’t an easy task to push forward the two tasks which were not marrying each other. However since doing comedy was the source of income to cater for his needs and those of his daughter Anthony Griffith had no other option. The message delivered through this speech as appealed to me that in life challenges will always come, and at times, one feels unable to continue with life. However knowing that you are not alone, others are going through the same or more difficult times motivates you to move one hoping for the better.

According to my view, the speech significantly relates to Ethics, Communication and Public Speaking. Ethics is all about morality and the standard code of conduct that an individual needs to observe on a daily basis. Anthony Griffith was always supposed to behave like the man of the house, be there for his daughter at all times. Remain awake the whole night to give her the attention and special care she needed especially after cancer returned. Despite all the challenges and difficulties Anthony Griffith went through he had to remain strong. Communication has been part of his life throughout; delivering his speech on what had happened in his life proved that he was fluent and eloquent. He freely communicates what is in his heart and mind enabling the audience to get clearly his message. Am sure those days when he performed as a comedian he must have had proper communication skills that enabled the audience clearly get his jokes. That is why he was able to get the fourteen applause breaks. Presenting such a speech to large congregation always requires one to possess the necessary public speaking skills, ability to capture the attention of your listeners, selecting the appropriate duration to ensure the audience attention is not stretched beyond limits.

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