The workforce determines if a company is success or not. It is therefore important that a company treats that employees in a way that they feel like they are a part of the vision presented by the company and not just a means to get what the company is looking for. With the increased pressures […]

Analytical Marxism

Analytical Marxism tries to make Marx’s thought clear with a methodology which is potentially destructive to the practical-active meaning of that belief. Marx openly linked his thoughts on historic method with the Illumination tradition, including both metaphysical rationalism and the covetousness of the 18th-century writer. By doing so, he repressed the major part of labor […]

The study Report

The study “Trends in Food Attitudes and Behaviors among Adults with 6-11-year-old Children” proposes a significant survey data analysis that measures food behaviors and attitude among adults with children aged six to ten years old as from 2002 to 2010 (Mariea, Courtney 2012) According to the study results indicate some numerous positive improvements in the […]

Nursing Research – Patient Falls

Patient falls involves unplanned extension to the floor for instance equipment such as trash can be a major cause either with or without damage to the patient and often happens during nursing reporting units (Siela 2015). There are different types of falls and they need to be addressed whether they lead to environmental consequences such […]


Targeted individual whose behavior I want to change I have always strived to teach my son on how they should gain certain behaviors. As a mother I interact frequently with my son since I am his care giver and guardian. My son has been developing this behavior of defecating on his pants or in his […]

Culture of poverty

How the Moynihan Report was skewed to focus on the culture of poverty regarding community of color Culture of poverty is model that explains the poverty cycle. Moynihan David wrote the Moynihan Report also called The Negro Family: The Case for National Action in 1965 (Geary 2015). His writing included a significant focus on culture […]


Briefly, describe what you see Anthropology be? Anthropology, as described, is the study that entails the understanding of human groups as well as the human culture in border terms. Further, it looks into both the past and present lives of the human beings as well as bring the understanding of the various aspect of human […]

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