The workforce determines if a company is success or not. It is therefore important that a company treats that employees in a way that they feel like they are a part of the vision presented by the company and not just a means to get what the company is looking for. With the increased pressures at work employees are falling behind and the rate of turnover is increasing. This paper will focus on ways that a management can use to improve the performance of the workforce while at the same maintaining their motivational levels. There are different ways that can be used to motivate employees including training and development, proper communication and setting of SMART goals.

Training and development is one of the ways that can be used to improve the performance and motivate the employees. Constant training is one of the sources of employee motivation. The employee increases their knowledge and commitment to the organization which in turn will increase their performance. Even after training employees will perform better in an institution where there is proper communication. An employee might be committed but will fail to deliver because they feel there is communication breakdown within the institution. They might feel like they are being left behind when it comes to being part of the company. When there is proper communication, it ensures that employees feel like part of the organization and therefore are fully committed.

SMART goals will help an employee know what exactly what is expected from him. They therefore will not feel to be under unnecessary pressure to perform something that is beyond them. When an employee sets SMART goals then they are able to follow then and achieve their goals within the stipulated time and in the desired manner.

Training and development, proper communication and setting of smart goals are some of the ways that a human resource manager can use to improve the performance of their employees and at the same time improve them. Managers should always ensure that their employees are a part of the company if they are to enjoy the end results of profitability. As earlier stated employees are the backbone of any company and without them it will be difficult to be profitable and they therefore have to be treated right and feel like they share the vision of the particular company.


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