The fall of the Qing Dynasty 

Introduction The Qin Dynasty was the last great empire dynasty to rule in the China’s region. Like any other dynasty in the Chinese empire, the Qing Dynasty was successful at the beginning, was ruled by powerful leaders and was characterized with invasion, rebellion and economic chaos (Milton, 13). The work will illustrate how administration bureaucracy […]

Annotated Bibliography – Synthesizing

Fruhling, A. & Digman, L. (2000).The impact of electronic commerce on business-level strategies. Journal of electronic commerce research, 1 (1), 1-10. The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of electronic commerce on business-level strategies. Key findings are that business level strategies include differentiation, benefit, cost-leadership, growth, and focus. The research concluded that […]

Reading reflection

Reading reflection Inequality in the social world might be expressed in different modes depending on what the author or the philosopher aims at achieving. Historically, gender inequality was at the peak as women were regarded to be a weaker sex than men. Later, different factors such as: education, race, culture, moral values and economic situation […]

Participative Leadership.

In the modern world, the type of leadership embraced in a certain area greatly determines the fate of an entity. Transformational leadership (Participative style of management) is my personal style management that has for quite a long time proven its worth in the daily activities. As the leader one must positively influence the immediate subjects […]


Anna Deavere’s approach to theatre making comes in one of the most captivating ways ever. She applies brilliant solo performance technique as a universal to reconnoiter critical issues of race, personality and community in America. Her style of marrying art with reality makes this style quite attractive and unique because it brings out the realistic […]

Clinical handover

Introduction Clinical handover is a vital event in nursing practice and hospitals and occurs at different times and settings. It involves transfer of professional responsibilities and accountability for care of groups of patients temporarily or permanent situations. Hand over occur in hospital corridors, over coffee, at patients bedsides, in ward rounds or in meeting rooms. […]

Organisation Culture and Leadership

Just as leaders influence organizational cultures in an organization, so does strong organizational cultures impact on organizations leaders and how they conduct their business to improve on such organizations. This can be illustrated through the case of a bank manager who started out as a teller at the bank and later rose to the position […]

Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis

 Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis A resource-Based Approach to Organizational Analysis Core and Distinctive Competencies A core competency can be defined as a collection of competencies that cross division boundaries and that a company can do extremely well. A distinctive competency on the other hand is when the competencies are superior to those of a competitor. […]

Cities as Neighbourhoods and Communities

Introduction Community is a key agent of both social and Political change. The central thesis of this treatise is that community highly contributes to these changes. There are many political possibilities of Community, with Canada being a good example. Body The community greatly contributes to political and social change in many ways. For instance, in […]

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