American political history

The democrats and republicans are the two most dominant parties in the American political history.  Each of the two political fronts has held the leadership of the most powerful country across the globe. The democrats’ historically advocates for a progressive political change in the American society. It is more of a contemporary approach to achieve the modern American copious platform.  The republicans on the other hand historically advocate for a rather conservative approach to the American political culture. United States has one of the most robust socio-political culture across the globe and hence every political movement has to develop specific campaign memoranda and agenda in the quest to woo the American society for an administrative term.

The 1998 presidential elections goes in to history books as one of the most competitive campaign period in America.  The incumbent president Ronald Regan was automatically in eligible to run for the third time subject to the 22nd amendment to the American constitution that limited the run of a president to only two terms. This amendment set the race to white house open to new candidates with George W. Bush of the republican side battling for the most powerful office in the country against Michael Dukakis of the democrats’ side.

Every political front aspiring to manage a certain country must develop specific campaign policies to be complied in the party’s memorandum as the immediate profile for their candidate. The republicans advocated for progressive economic development citing the continuation of President Regan’s policies as a republican a major reason why the American voters should maintain the flawless management strategy set by Reagan. The American international stage was of massive entering the millennium.


The rise of other economic powerhouses such as Russia presented America with a real economic threat. The terror inflicted nations such as Iraq on the other hand had been providing a secure terror heaven for terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and Taliban to plan on attacking Americans.  His endorsement by the incumbent American president Ronald Reagan favored bush with the American voters’ society having to evaluate between protecting the American dream against a rather inexperienced Dukakis.

The vigilant political face and tough talking approach of Bush earned him massive popularity.  Bush particularly engaged in heated and controversial personal discussions involving the democrats’ candidate Michael Dukakis. Aristotle once defined man as a political animal. The animalistic nature of Bush certainly surpassed the urge of Michael to vie for the top American job. On top of promising a strong international American stage, Bush offered a stern warning to all those deemed as a threat to the American national security.

Michael Dukakis of the democrats’ political wing focused more on creating a heterogeneous American society. The prime goal of democrats in this particular race was to ease the tension existing majorly between the dominant white American society, the Anglo-American society and the Afro-American society. According to Michael, the primary way to maintain the global leadership position and acquire security and respect from all other nations of the world could only come out of developing an all-inclusive American management culture. Well such an approach never fit this particular scenery. America has a nation needed the warrior type of a leader not only to protect the American borders but also protect the economic interest and keep on encouraging the interested  in investing in the  competitive American market.



With the increasing threat of terror from the Iraq based terror groups, the incoming president had to have the military background and ability to risk national resources for the bigger safety of the American society. George Washington Bush perfectly fit the description of the commander in chief of the armed forces. The harsh economic environment meant that America at this particular point had to fight its way through terror attacks in order to keep on attracting huge number of investors to earn the nation foreign income.  Bush labelled Michael as a political coward not ready to defend the American dream beyond the confines of the American streets.  The administration of the United States calls for an individual ready to disagree with every person from anywhere or any policy form any nation provided the objective of the person or the originality of the policy defies of safeguarding the American dream.

Although the Democrats had a socio-development and economic growth policy on in development agenda; it was an approach that never suited the current socio-political climate of America and hence lacked the political will to convince the American voters’ populace. Being the most development nation in the planet, the risks for this particular nation are always on the higher side. To protect America, the voters strategically take the front line battle by evaluating the policies of each candidate as a subject to the immediate socio-economic condition in the country. This is the reason why the Democrats and the Republicans have been interchanging their positions in the country’s leadership position. The circular flow of political administration in America will keep on changing from the Democrats wing to the Republican wing depending on the current national agenda.

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