Over the past decades, many views on abortion have come up. One group suggests that the ovum becomes a human being immediately it is fertilized and it should be treated as a human being. This group is the anti-choice. The group believes that abortion is illegal, and should not be allowed under any situation. On the other end, we have the pro-choice group that believes that we can call a fetus that has not yet born a human being. This group believes that abortion should be permissible under some circumstances while others believe that abortion is one’s choice and no one has any right over it. So is abortion morally wrong and should it be illegal?

The Pro-choice group believes that everybody has the freedom to control their body. We live in a free society that people are allowed to do things as they please because of the freedom they possess. When one becomes pregnant, they have the freedom to decide whether to keep the fetus or not. It is only in their capability to know if they are able to raise a child or not. Some of the pregnancies are as a result of rape or incest. A parent in this case would feel that keeping the fetus might not be the best decision. People insist that personal independence should be respected when it come to matters like this. As much as people have independence to do what they want, their actions should be guided by morals of the society they live in.

The anti-choice group believes that abortion is wrong and that it should not be allowed under any circumstance. Don Marquis on the other hand thinks that abortion is ethically wrong and should not be allowed expect in certain special cases this is according to his thesis “Why Abortion Is Immoral” (1989). He believes that the right to life overweighs the right to have power over one’s body. As much as people have freedom to do what they want, it is important for them to follow the morality of the society. Killing is against the morals of the society and therefore abortion should be illegal since it is an immorality.


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