Business ethics short case study

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on matters regarding ethics especially in the field of business. The paper will particularly narrow down on a case study that involves me as a counselor and a client by the name Irwin.

From the definition of ethics as it applies to all disciplines or rather profession is a branch of philosophy that involves recommending and defending concepts of right and wrong conducts of individuals within their professions. For my case as a counselor to Irwin and from the assessment have come to understand Irwin better from my professional ethics it does not allow me to give what does not comply with the results. The response to the question is that I will give the honest assessment of Irwin to the head of Human Resource department at the company.

It is of much importance in every profession for the professionals to be frank with their work. For this case after giving the honest assessment of Irwin, I will urge the company to have him employed since he has shown some positive improvements. From this act, I will have helped both parties to greater extent since the company will employ someone they will have known for that case. On the other hand, my obligations to Irwin, who is my client I would give him hope in that as the results indicate he needs to see psychotherapy which he would benefit even much better for his condition, especially low self-esteem. For this step of visiting a psychotherapy, I will try as much as possible to get to understand the importance it as much as it is concerned with the job he intends to take or rather in his other activities that would bring many benefits to him. Self-esteem, as we can get or rather understand, is the driving motive for a human being, especially at their workplace.

For Irwin after getting to his attention and explaining for him the importance of being honest which at first he would not get to understand as to why I am doing that because what he wants is getting a job. Helping such a person it will be critical to getting to his attention calm him down and tell him that the company knowing his current status will be a great deal. Since they will have known him, they will employ him. Also giving a false information on my side will later give a bad reputation on my career since all blames will be on my side giving them one I knew very well will let them down.


From the case study involving Irwin as a client and me as a counselor, it is of much importance to put into consideration professional ethics into action. Considering the aspect of ethics will on one way or the other disadvantage one party or even all. For this case giving an honest assessment of the head of human resource to some extent will disadvantage Irwin according to the take of the company. Also from the other end of the company it is of higher possibility that the head of human resource will play his part and most probably will employ Irwin after giving him the progress of my client.



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