Construction specification


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of construction specification. The paper will specifically narrow down into giving responses to the articulated questions such as what is construction specification institute, what is a master format and lastly give the benefits of the previous questions to the construction industry.

What is Construction Specification Institute?

The construction specification Institute sometimes abbreviated as (CSI) refers to an organization that refurbishes and keeps the standardization of the construction language regarding building specifications. The Construction Specification Institute (CSI) in their full capacity provides guidelines for writing the specification in most project resource manual (Kalin et al. 2011).

What is Master Format?

Master format as used or rather applied in the building institution mostly in Canada and the united states refers to a standard that is used for specification organization and other information in written format for institutional building projects and commercial cases (Kalin et al. 2011).

Benefits of construction specification Institute and master format in the construction industry.

Both the master format and construction specification Institute serve the construction industry with numerous advantages or rather importance (Kalin et al. 2011). From the two aspects, we find that it benefits the construction industry to avoid delays in project development which in this case the master format will be readily available to the designing team at the specified or rather required time (Kalin et al. 2011).

The other benefit that construction specification Institute and master format have in the building industry is minimizing of repetitive work or rather tasks. Using the master format to a greater extent helps the industry to keep away doing one task for several times hence the operations of the industry more so the construction industry to achieve its anticipated goal (Kalin et al. 2011).


From the article, we get to understand the aspect of construction specification by taking into consideration construction specification (CSI) and master format. The article explicitly defines the two aspects into details and later give the benefits of the two aspects as they apply to the construction industry. It is therefore of many recommendations for the industries especially the construction industry to put into implementation the two aspects.





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