Customer satisfaction

It has been said that the customer is always right. Businesses always want to increase the level of customer satisfaction. They do this by making sure that the customer is always satisfied and bring their services closer to the customers. Digital marketing has made it possible for this to happen. According to Ashley Friedlein (2014) businesses will continue to improve the customer experience mainly by using digital marketing. Most of the trends that he predicted to continue growing have grown or continue to grow tremendously. Many of the customer experience has indeed gone online. Many critics of the digital marketing experience admit that people have a lot to learn in the new error of digital marketing.

Bullas Jeff (2015) argues that people who dealt with the old ways of marketing have many things to change because many things have since changed.  He notes that many people will have a problem of letting go off the old habits of marketing and bringing in the new habits because it can be quite difficult to let go. Many of the writers agree that online presence is a key ingredient when it comes to improvement of customer experiences. According to Kimberlee Morrison (2016) the year 2015 was the year of video marketing. Many people used this platform to market their businesses and to get closer to customers.

Morrison (2016) argues that 2016 will see the use of smarter, integrated and digital strategy. Brands plan to increase their investment in the digital platforms in order to make a clear distinction between digital spending and digital business revenue. Tomas David (2016) supports the view that digital marketing strategy must be flexible and should flow with new technologies and changing direction with the coming of new challenges. Tomas (2016) says people need to stop blocking the new technologies by embracing the new digital platforms that are brought forward each and every year. Most of the predictions that Friedlein (2014) came up with are already in use and have been use for the past one year.

More marketers are finding it useful to market their products unlike in the earlier days where marketing was not deemed to be so important. Many businesses have ventured into the digital platforms to advertise their goods and services. Many customers on the other hand are utilizing the services that are found on the internet to do their shopping. Smart phones are the new way of shopping and the customers are using their mobile phones to get information. Most businesses have had to digitalize their websites in a way that it is supported by the smart phone platforms. Regarding the social media, there are so many social sites that have become more useful. There is also emergence of new social media that businesses use to advertise their goods. Sites like Twitter and WhatsApp have become a common feature for businesses to trade on. More young people are using this type media to get information about the products they use. This means that businesses will have to invest more on the social sites if they want to reach their customers.

In my own view, the digital world will continue on expanding. This means that many businesses will have to embrace the digital ways of marketing and get rid of the old ways of marketing. The world is becoming a small global village that people are connected together. E-commerce is a way of business that is booming. People are using online platforms to do their shopping.  They order goods and services from far off land and the goods are delivered to their doorstep. All this has been enabled by digital marketing. People are aware of the products that are available for sale because of their online presence.

In conclusion digital marketing is a part of a business that cannot be ignored. With the ever changing technology businesses will have to be up to date with the current marketing strategies to keep up with the competition. Friedlein (2014) was correct when he predicted the changes in the digital marketing world.


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