Décor Advice For Home Owners

A good number of people dream of owning a home and further decorate it into a sought of a sanctuary somewhere wherein there is peace and a self-fulfilment. This is made possible through choosing the right décor for the home, creating a theme that one identifies and feels relaxed when in such an environment. Not everyone is an expert at this and perhaps little assistance in form of décor advice is needed. I identify with this too as I have tried decorating my residence and also helping a few friends. A little advice on how to this would help a few out there.

What makes a home stand out or appealing to the owner and those who stay within such a home is the colour of the paint use in the home or just the painting. We often move to homes that are already painted and we try as much as possible to create a theme we would love judging on the painting and what we bring into the house. Just a piece of advice, the choice of paint should be done after moving into a house. This allows one to choose the colour of paint that marries into the theme of the artwork, furniture and the rugs one intends to use in their new home. If the painting is done first, then it should be for a home that the new owner is going to purchase everything new, so that he/she can make these purchases according to the colour of paint used in the house.

Many house owners have problems when it comes to placing furniture at their requisite places. Arrangement of future in a dream home should be spacious enough to allow movement in between the furniture. This is an advantage to home owners with tight budgets as they only need just few but quality pieces. A good home translates to gracious leaving, this can be achieved in many ways including furniture arrangement whereby few and spaciously arranged furniture will attract attention rather fight for attention.

Artwork form part of expertly executed décor. It is good to get art work to hang around the walls of the home and these should marry into the colour of the wall paintings, the rugs on the floor and even the furniture within the home. Most of the art work in homes include majorly pictures and paintings. These cannot in all events marry into the colours of the wall painting but the frames be change to fit this purpose.

Still on art works, many home owners make mistakes when it comes to the appropriate height to hang these on the walls. Borrowing from practices in most of the museums around the globe, art work based on a midline of between fifty seven to sixty inches from the ground. This ensures that the human eye captures this as the average human eye level falls in between these levels. This trend should be copied in home décor so as to make the artwork on the walls stand out. Many home owners tend to hang them higher which leaves them unnoticed.

An important advice to home owners when carrying out décor work in their houses is that there should always be one place in the house that stands out. This could be any place within the house, the bathroom, the Kitchen, the bedroom or even the fire place. To illustrate this, the fire place can be made to be the focal point of all décor of house through use of special lighting and stand out furniture. This can take away the visual noise that normally result from attempts to make every place stand out so that everything becomes plain again, defeating the purpose of the décor.

The last and most important advice, creativity is key to quality décor. There are loads of magazines written about home décor and there are various principles that govern décor. It is important to note that all these have come about due to creativity of a few people. Always be led by creativity when decorating your home to be the sanctuary of your dreams.





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