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Feedback is important in any conversation or interaction. I agree to the fact that feedback needs to be structured in the way that you need it to be. Structuring of the feedback priory brings about clarity and decisiveness in the feedback that one is providing. When giving feedback it is also important to know your limits especially with your leaders. When receiving feedback I also agree that it is always important to remove defensive psychology. One also needs to come up with ways to cope with both positive and negative feedback.

Knowing the direction of your company or team is an important aspect to consider when giving feedback. This aspect is true and important in that it enables your feedback to be clearly accepted by others. The three recommendations are also important since they help one to clearly define his/her feedback and how to mention and use it in the right way.  Accepting the opinions of others is also important since no one is perfect. I agree that it is from the opinions of others that we are able to improve our own and we are able to point out our shortcomings and iron them out.

Treating others in a manner that you would want to be treated is also vital when receiving and giving feedback. Appreciating others for their feedback is important since they feel motivated on realizing that they are helpful to others. I also agree that it is important to have that accepting attitude that accepts both positive and negative feedbacks without being biased on one side. It is also not advisable to ask for feedback when staying in a negative stage. Every feedback has some value in it and as a leader one should always identify that value and use it to improve the system.

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