Discussion Reply Comments


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion by giving an agreement comment for each of the discussion that was performed the previous week.

Discussion one agreement comment

From the first discussion, it is true that things have changed as they were in the past years or rather as they are expected to be. The change in these situations is as a result of the change in time, people who are the new generation and education. From the example, we get in the discussion it is true that of one gets to hit you it’s obvious that one will get to hit back. Furthermore, in the discussion we get the example of the pretty girl and the gentleman of course the gentleman would not react back due to the current trend of solving issues.

Discussion two agreement comment

From the discussion, it is a fact that truth and reality is a concept or thought. Truth in most cases is the correct reflection of the objective things and their laws, it is also believed that truth is the people idealization, therefore, in most cases when people feel it is correct then it is a feeling that this is the truth. However, truth for one person would not be the same to other individual’s in that people do differ in perception, and this brings the difference in thoughts of what is true and not true.

Discussion three agreement comment

From the third discussion, we come across the ideology of Zenger and Folkman on personal development in broader perspective. Zenger and Folkman conclusion Zenger and Folkman coincides with Gardner’s statement which states that if the strength is far more conspicuous, then the flaws will be forgiven. The other fact that articulates in the discussion is that conspicuous power is usually stronger especially at the workplace which leads to the creation of halo effect. Also, the halo effect of the enormous strength is real, and each has come to its experience.



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