Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, and Navigating Life

Just from the walking styles, there exists at least a distinction that makes every person different from the other. We all have different personalities, needs, wants and also different ways of expressing our feelings and emotions. Emotional intelligence includes the ability of a person to recognize themselves and realize and understand their emotions, their reactions and how their emotions and attitude affect their day to day life and people around them. In addition, artificial intelligence includes how we perceive others with sympathy and empathy on realizing their feelings hence helping manage friendships and relationships better. People who have emotional intelligence are characterized by self-control over their psychological feelings, empathy, and sensitive of other’s feelings, motivated and motivational, with a good understanding of their own self (Mangal & Mangal, 2015).

It is no brainer for me identifying personal experiences and instances I had to put into practice emotional intelligence. For instance, I once worked in a small company where I participated in the hiring panel. Often, people ‘lost’ themselves during interviews with interview questions that were deliberate to test their emotional intelligence. Identifying the right candidate for any job above all other qualifications, included getting an emotionally intelligent person. Again, in the same company I took part in the disciplinary and firing panel. I always stood, against my other professionals in the panel, to ascertain the real cause of to fire an employee and sought to understand them first before giving any matching orders. It takes the artificial intelligence skill pack to establish a deliberate and a mistake, not to fire an employee on basis of a mistake, which is normal, owing to other causes which could have otherwise been helped. Inculcating emotional intelligence has helped me much in dealing and understanding people, not only in my place of work, but also in my day to day social life (Mangal & Mangal, 2015).



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