Explaining the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to your patients

To explain to the 87-year-old patient about the box first I will tell him what the box is. The box, in this case, is a computer mounted on a wheel that is used for patient assessment based on the electronic health record that is a program on the computer. The next step I would make the patient well convinced and satisfied is explaining what electronic health record is. Which, in this case, refers to the digital version or rather an invention of a patient-centered records making information secure and readily available to the authorized users such as the nurses, containing treatment and medical history of patients (Czar, 2013).

The other thing that the patient needs to know about the box or rather a computer is giving him or her a detailed explanation of the electronic health record which is the reason as to why you have the box in the room. To convince the patient, I would go straight to the benefits or rather advantages of electronic health record that includes better health care. The patient, in this instance, needs to know that the ‘box’ or rather computer contains all information about his health and gathered in one place and for that case a networked electronic health record system provides complete and accurate information that leads to better or rather the best care possible to the patient (Czar, 2013).

The other thing that I will give as a reason for having the computer in the room is the aspect of better care coordination. And lastly the box that is the computer enables more involvement in patient’s care, and this would allow better health provision to the patients by the health providers (Czar, 2013).


From the above argument, we get to understand the benefits or rather the advantages of electronic health records (EHR) in the field of nursing. An electronic health record in most of the cases as discussed above is essential in that both the patient and the health provider directly benefits from it. The benefits as stated above are more care involvement, better patient care and better care coordination hence of more importance in the field of nursing.

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