History of United State From 1896 To Present



The great depression originated from the United states in the year 1929, in a period where their was economic crisis.This led to various effects in the states such as unemployment, inflation and bankruptcy in most businesses and some banks. Following this effects the state come up with various acts such as Smooth Hawley Act which also led to the decline of the depression in the late 1930s.Despite this economic Act , New deal programmes which has different phases  were also formed [Wallenfeldt,2013].

This depression in the states come up with various effects,such as downfall of the  economy.Due to this, the states come up with various communication technologies to try in solving this depression.This technological changes include,beginning of the air mail services across Atlantic ocean to gather more information about and the chocolate chip ccokie was also developed in 1938.Inorder to solve this problems, New deal was signed and it had two phases such as the first new deal which operated between 1933-1934 ,the second deal was formed in 1935 and lasted for three years.This new deal was later criticized by Francis Townsend, who proposed of the old age with revolving pension which called for every American to retire and open up jobs for the younger unemployed [wallenfeldt, 2013].

We come to realize that United states of America went through this problem of depression which affected them so much.Despite this problems they were able to come together and reason out and find the solution to this problem.The power of unity come into action and they were able to solve this giant called depression. Moreover, they were able to sacrifice their jobs and creates more jobs for the unemployed, those who had jobs were requested to retire through the Act which was formed by Francis [wallenfeldt, 2013].

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