Introduction and Thesis

  1. Geographic information

Idyllwild is located in the San Jacinto Mountains in Riverside Country, in southern California. Idyllwild lies within a high mountain valley, which is divided by the Strawberry Creek, which is an all year stream. Idyllwild is bordered by two large rocks, Tahquitz Peak and Suicide Rock that are famous with the rock climbing circles.

  1. Demographic Information

During the 2010 United States census, it was reported that the area had a population of 3,874. The racial was made up of 89 percent whites and 12% was made up of Hispanic races.  The census also reported that there were 1,682 households out of which 19 percent were children below the age of 18 years.

  • thesis

This article will focus on the town of Idyllwild. The article will look into the history, culture and the general characteristics of this town and everybody who lives there.

History, culture and characteristics

Idyllwild was once a summer home for Cahuilla Indians. They migrated to the area to escape the heat of the desert. Idyllwild was initially known as the strawberry Valley because of the wild strawberries that grow there. The name was however changed in 1901 to Idyllwild.  In 1889, a summer camp was built next to Idyllwild Arts academy by George and Sarah Hannahs. A toll road build in 1890s was the opening road for settlements and tourism. With the introduction of transportation using automobiles, the town became a tourist attraction to people especially those living in Southern California. In 1901, the Idyllwild Sanatorium was built to cater for the tuberculosis patients.

  1. current residents

The town has remained a small mountain town with full time residents and seasonal tourists who come to tour the natural scenes of the town. As of 2014 estimates, the people living in the town were about 2562, 1325 being male and the rest being female. Children make up the smallest part of the population. The majority of the population is white while 12% makes up of Hispanic population.

  1. physical conditions

The community here is a small one that lives in the mountains of San Jacinto Mountains. There are full time residents and seasonal visitors that come to the area. There are number of national parks and state parks. Visitors come here for picnics, hiking and camping. The town is generally well kept and clean at all times.

In the 2010 US census, there were 4116 housing units of which 1,174 were owner occupied and 508 were rented. The homeowner vacancy rate was at 9% and the rental vacancy rate was at 18%. Sixty three percent of the population lived in owner-occupied houses while 29% were in rentals.

  • economic conditions

According to the census in 2010, there is 12.98% unemployment in the area. The job growth rate on the other hand is1.17percentage and the estimated growth in the next ten years is estimated at 34%.  Majority of people in this town work in management jobs, the least number work in the transportation business.  There is no designated district for business and most of the businesses are located in the center of town. All the local businesses are run by residents. The most rampant type of business is restaurants and tourists shops. Other types of businesses include lodging, automotive, banks, art dealers and realtors. The amount of people that are employed are estimate to be 1247 residents who are aged 16 years and above.

  1. social conditions

Given that the town has small number of permanent residents, the community has tight ties with each other.  The residents are warm and welcoming to the occasional visitors. The town also experiences little crimes considering the small size of the town and its population. Most of the businesses are owned by the residents. In order to access the market the residents also have to walk a long way in order to find enough supplies. The infrastructure here is not so favorable making it impossible for the town to accommodate many visitors at the same time.

The town is made of 3000 full time residents, which makes it possible for them to recognize each other easily. Most of the residents have activities that they are involved in. most of them are interested in rotary clubs, gardening club, hiking clubs and the most famous club must be the Arts Academy club. This town is home to some of the re-known artists and musicians. Residents gather in restaurants, coffee shops and churches for recreational purposes. The people off Idyllwild have been described as the “intimate” community. Residents of this area are proud of their history and cultures. They host Jazz in the Pines, which gives the community a sense of belonging.

  1. Political conditions.

People in this town are allowed to vote. There are 1889 registered voters, 679 being Democratic voters while 683 being Republicans. Idyllwild area is in the 28th senate District represented by Republican Jeff Stone and in the 71st Assembly district, which is represented by Republican Brian Jones. It is also in the 36th Congressional district, which is represented by Democrat Raul Ruiz.




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