Intelligence Community

According to Harman, change or reorganization of the United States security agency appears to have become an extinct practice with approximately ten years since the last relevant change were made in this important sector of the United States security (Harman, 2015). 9/11 appears to the most recent threat that sanctioned changes in the incumbent security structure. It is perturbing to note that the America as the global leader is relying on reactive security measures and that its security agencies are failing to coordinate their operations to thwart misfortune terror activities such as the hacking of US security systems, growth of terrorist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-sham (is is) among other level one terror threats that not only affects the US but also affects all other nations across the globe.

The intelligence community is trading in troubled waters. The problem of terror calls for than rearrangement of deck chairs and security personnel. Over reliance on convectional security wisdom by the security agencies has availed a major loop hole for the terror groups to capitalize (Harman, 2015). The contemporary in security management will soon change the roles played by the intelligence community such that we no longer rely on collection of personal data for vetting of the security threats among us. It is therefore the high time for the intelligence community to up it game to match the robust changes experienced particularly in technology. We have shifted from the physical warfare to the technological warfare and hence our security systems must embrace the changes if we are to secure the society from the runaway terror activities in the modern world (Harman, 2015). Harman’s article I a nutshell offers the intelligent and proactive way to help the intelligence community fast track its operations as well as monitor the real time threat such as the use of technology other than sticking to the old security measures.




Harman, J. (2015). Disrupting the Intelligence community: America’s spy agencies need an upgrade. ProQuest.

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