Module 06 Discussion

Discussion 1

As a nurse, I should think and apply the knowledge got actively. This helps in improving or developing my clinical judgment skills. The experience I get from education involves many opportunities which help me to think and ask related questions after an interactive dialogue. I use case examples with questions which are aimed at supporting my critical thinking as a nurse. These questions require me to explain my feeling and thinking about a certain clinical situation and how I came into a conclusion on what a patient is suffering from.

Mind mapping is one f the strategies I used to develop a better clinical judgment. This is a creative method which helps me to display good information and go ahead to indicate the connection between the information. Another strategy I use to develop clinical judgment is reflective practice because it helps me develop a lot of wisdom. It also guides towards analysis of the provided information and understand how healthcares setting varies. The final strategy is simulation which develops my clinical judgment through gain of practice experience.

Reasoning, inquiry and thought are some of the nursing processes which are still challenging based on my critical thinking and clinical judgment skills because I still find myself focus on what to do and how to do it instead of understanding why I need to do it. These processes are very critical in the performance of a nurse but I still find myself requiring assistance from my seniors in case I encounter them in my normally daily practices.

Discussion 2

GM foods have improved quality compared to natural foods. These foods are modified to stay in a fresh condition for a longer period of time. Plants that are genetically modified can withstand weather extremes and fluctuations. GM foods are more nutritious compared to naturally produced foods. It is justifiable to fear consuming GM foods because they have been known to cause allergic reactions on some individuals since the genes from different species are mixed together.

Organic foods are more nutritious and safer compared to GM foods because they are naturally produced. They do not have any bacteria introduced to them and do not pose any health risk to consumers. As opposed to GM foods which have a specific nutrient content increased in it while other nutrients remain lacking or in small quantities. I think the main reason why GM foods were introduced was not improve the nutrient level of the foods but to improve the quantity. The foods are also not safe because of DNA combinations. It is therefore important to note that natural foods are safer and nutritious as opposed to GM foods

After this research, I would change my dietary by avoiding purchase and consumption of GM foods. This is because it has been proved that GM technology is associated with the emergence of several diseases. It poses a health risk to users and also leads to destructing of biodiversity. The viruses and bacteria that are used in this process are depleted from their natural ecology. As a healthcare provider, I should lead by example by discouraging consumption of GM foods is when I can advice my patients accordingly.

Discussion 3

My parenting style is basically permissive parenting. I was brought by parents who were very permissive especially my dad. He was and is still such a wonderful father that would allow us to explore all the adventures that we deemed were right. My dad alongside my mother were very support and indulgent. They rarely administered disciplinary actions to us because they normally believed that were still children and had to behave like children. My parents allowed us to regulate our behaviors and could rarely confront us. They understood that he would reach a point where we could show mature behavior.

Whenever I was caught doing a mischievous thing, my parents could only encourage me not to do it next time but I was never punished for it. The same was applied to my siblings. My parents are whites and this could be attributed to the kind of civilization that their race had undergone. This kind of parenting made it impossible for me and my siblings to adhere to authority when we first admitted into schools. However, we were able to adjust and regulate our behaviors as we pushed on. I have grown up to be a responsible and adventurous person.

I have continued with the same parenting style to my daughter. I prefer talking to her rather than punishing her whenever she misbehaves. I encourage her to be very responsible by trying out whatever she wants. I allow her to have experience on every adventure of her choice. She can go out with her friends at will and she can try out anything new. I believe she learns better through experience and would never repeat anything did not turn out to her expectations. I am proud of her because she knows so many things that her age mates do not have a hint on.

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