Oglethorpe Mall

A basic history of the building, including Its site;

Oglethorpe mall is an entertainment building constructed with an aim of investment and socialization. It was a major attraction site for the whole world. It fits people of all ages including children and adults. The prices of services and goods offered are favourable to all classes of people. in addition there is a new selection of clothes that are not found anywhere else.

Oglethorpe mall is located in southern Savannah, Georgia in USA. It was named after its founder James Oglethorpe. It has continuously expanded to almost one million square feet from its original construction (Pine,2016). It has many restaurants food court and more than 150 stores.  Main anchors include Belk-Beery, Sears and Mc Crory. In addition, it features  include junior anchors ,old navy, Barnes and Noble as well as Stein Mart.

The center expanded by 25,000 square feet (2300m2). More growth was done in 1982 after addition of 230,000(21000m2) wing which featured JC Penney and Savannah Levy’s. the levy was acquired by Jordan Marsh in February 1986.in 1989 the mall managed to feature the original design elements of 1969. Major renovation done featured coast designs such as white washed wood, choices of lighter paints and tabby walls.        During the day, the mall is lit using natural light from recently installed skylights. Its tiled floor would win design awards in 1990 (Pine, 2016). During 1990 summer, a parking garage was built which was two level. In 1992 jordan mash was closed due to consolidation in the mall. The store was changed into a general space whereby 135,000 square feet (12,500m2) was added. Rich’s was among additions in the mall. In 1994, McCrory left the mall and Stein Mart replaced him the next year. The Promenade, which was a section in the mall in form of a corridor and constructed in 1985 to replace Adler and decorated using neon lights and glass block, was in 2000 replaced with Noble and Barnes. In 2002 there was opening of a food court and upgrading of street Façade.

In 2005, Rich’s was folded into Marcy’s. During recessions in 2000s the mall opened more stores such as Charming Carlie, Jimmy Jazz, Bare Escentuals, Kirklands and Mexican Grill. The mall is presently occupied 98%.

Original name; Oglethorpe mall was originally known as Savannah mall since it was founded in Savannah U.S.A.

Purpose and function; Oglethorpe mall is meant for entertainment and relaxation. It has shops where people can buy latest clothes for their wardrobes. It offers entertainment for children because of its large playground (Pine, 2016). It has most quiet place for readers and bookshops where they study with minimal noise from the mall. It is a socialization area for parents since it is a meeting place for many people. it is also a dining area with its food parlor containing different dishes especially for new people. it is an aesthetic place due to its tiled floors and white washed buildings.

Owner; it is owned by General Growth properties

Architect; it was designed by Scott Hudgens

Date of construction; It was constructed and opened in 1969 at 7804 Abercorn street.

Characteristic features. The mall has restaurants, food court, stores, bookshops, dinning, playgrounds, socialization areas, relaxation areas, and tiled floor.

Relationship to the city plan;(and other city mall)

Oglethorpe mall is a one-stop mall, which is more enjoyable than other city malls in Savannah. It has over 100 stores, restaurants, and food court. It has a play ground for children, places for indoor shopping and dining. It has latest styles of clothes that favor every budget. Examples include Kate Spade, Ugg Australia, and Joe’s Jeans. It is also a socialization area for parents. It has bookshops and quite places with fresh air to relax from mall noise.

Surrounding buildings

They include brotherton house, Chickamauga city hall, police department, and public library. Moreover there is Dyer Cabin, Fort Oglethorpe police department, Kelly house, Poe Cabin hospital, Snodgrass house, viniard house, Vittetoe house, winfrey historical house and walker county emergency services station (Pine,2016).

IV. Formal Analysis of the building

A. Typology (compare with other buildings of its type, presumably from its own time period). The building has one floor and a parking space of 5348 spaces that include parking desk.its retail floor is 948,000 square feet (88,000m2). It has 150 stores. It opens from 10 am-9pm from Mondays to Saturdays and from noon to 6p.m on Sundays.

Landscape and streetscape features

The plan of Oglethorpe mall is different from that of modern towns since it only allows little growth of wards and units approximately 10 acres (4 hectares). Streets bounding the mall affect the size of the wards surrounding it. Streets that exist between wards vary from 45 feet to 120 feet. This includes sidewalks and other medians. The speeds of automobiles vary between 20mph to 30 kph.

The plan of the mall varies from today’s plan in that most of its space is occupied by buildings and reducing open space for the public. Its open area consists of shared open streets that contribute to the aesthetic nature and function of the building.


It is composed of bookstores, gift stores, jewelerly stores, children’s clothing’s, malls, men’s clothing, cosmetics, Accessories, shoes, stores for Sporting goods, Toys, games, Women’s clothing and Trendy clothing.

Use of ornament

Oglethorpe mall makes use of ornaments in its buildings. Some ornaments include

Ceramic Christmas ornaments that are double-sided and round, paperweight meant for the receipts, which is a standing photo sculptor, a cell together with his wife standing photo sculpture. The mall in Tralee, which is double-sided and ceramic, made Christmas ornament (Zazzle, 2016).

There is also a ceramic double-sided Christmas ornament representing a security guard during the day and a hunter on weekends, similar ornaments also reflect pools in Washington monument. Lincoln memorial is also represented by a double sided ceramic round Christmas ornament (Zazzle, 2016).Ornaments displaying love for malls are available in double sided round shapes and meant for Christmas. Moreover, there are ornaments that are double sided representing customized Minneapolis, zombie slayer and Dubai silver plated banner.

V. Bibliography

James Oglethorpe is the founder of Oglethorpe mall. He was the son of Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe(1650-1702) who resided in Westbrook. His mother was Eleanor          Lady Oglethorpe(1662-1732). Oglethorpe entered in Corpus Christi College, Oxford and left immediately in 1714 to join the army of Prince Eugene of Savoy. He was elected as member of parliament in 1722 and lead in humanitarian department (Pine, 2016).

He advocated for reform in prison in 1728. Although debtors were released  they were not supported while outside prison and resulted in criminal activities. The act depleted the productivity of employees and deposited them in Georgia.. Oglethorpe solved the problem by forming trustees for the establishment of the colony of Georgia in America. Oglethorpe retired from work in 1785 and died at Cranham in 1785. He was buried in the middle of All Saint’s Parish Church.






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